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    • Describe the family
    • The central element of contemporary life
    • Defined differently by different cultures
    • The primary system of support
    • The ultimate decision maker for services and supports for their children and/or themselves
  1. Define Nuclear family
    Traditionally 2 parents and siblings
  2. Define single parent family
    Unmarried biological or adoptive parent raising a child or children
  3. Define blended family
    Unrelated members joined together by marraige (stepbrother, stepfather etc)
  4. Define extended family
    • Uncles
    • aunts
    • grandparents
    • Cousins
    • Friends
    • Kin
  5. Define lesbian/gay family
    Faces social stigma & barriers in america
  6. Define boundaries
    • Barriers that protect family
    • Two types: rigid and diffuse
  7. Define rigid boundaries
    • Barriers may exist that keeps family from having meaningful relationships with others
    • Can become isolated or withdrawn from people, which can cause relationships to suffer
  8. Define a diffuse boundary
    • Families do not have a clear, definable boundaries with others
    • Can have problems defining who they are
    • Common to find family over-involvement in each members life
    • Characterized by a loss of independence by one or all involved family members
    • Over-involvement is usually reflected by parents and children who become increasingly dependant on each other at the expense of relationships outside the family
  9. Describe culture
    • An ongoing dynamic process
    • Influences people throughout the lifespan
    • Includes values, beliefs, and traditions past from one generation to the next
    • Influences health and health behavior
    • Healthcare providers must assess and incorporate culture into the plan of care
  10. Define cultural competence
    The ability to interact effectively with people of different cultures
  11. What are the 4 components of cultural competence
    • Awareness of ones own cultural world view
    • Attitude towards cultural differences
    • Knowledge of different cultural practices and world views
    • Cross-cultural skills
  12. Developing cultural competence results in what?
    An ability to understand, communicate with, and effectively interact with people across cultures
  13. What are the aspects of family's culture?
    • Communication
    • Personal space
    • Time orientation
    • Family/ gender roles
  14. What is preconception
    A womans health before she becomes pregnant
  15. What does preconception focus on?
    • The conditions and risk factors that could affect a woman if she becomes pregnant
    • Applies to women who have never been pregnant and
    • To women who have had previous pregnancies
  16. What does folic acid prevent
    Neural tube defects
  17. What does rubella prevent
    Congenital rubella syndrome
  18. Describe HcG
    • Production begins on the day od implantation
    • Increases rapidly during the first two weeks of pregnancy
    • Can be detected in blood 6-11 days after implantation
    • Can be detected in urine one week after a missed period
  19. What causes a false positve pregnancy test
    • Traces of blood or protein in urine
    • Prescription drugs such as diuretics and promethazine (used to treat allergy symptoms and nausea)
    • Expired or damaged test kit
  20. What causes a false negative pregnancy test
    • Taking test too early
    • Used diluted urine- take first thing in the morning
    • Timed the test wrong- test urine within 15 min and wait full 10 min for accurate result
  21. Signs of pregnancy
    • Presumtive: changes felt by woman- fatigue, breast changes, missed period, N&V
    • Probable: hegars sign, chadwicks signs ballottement
    • Positive pegnancy test
    • Positive: signs attributed to presence of a fetus, FHT, fetal movement, ultrasound
  22. When is the period of critical fetal organ development?
    17-56 days after fetal fertilization
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