american goverment

  1. connecticut district 1
  2. connecticut district 2
  3. connecticut district 3
  4. connecticut district 4
  5. district 5
  6. how old do you have to be to be in the house of represenitives and how long do you have to live in the state?
    • 1.25 years old
    • 2. 7 years
  7. how long is a represenatives term
    2 years
  8. how many represenitives are their
  9. gerry mandering
    draw district boundaries for partisan advantage
  10. speaker of the house
    • 1.leader of the house
    • 2.rep john bahne
  11. 17th amendment
    popular elections of u.s senators
  12. 16th amendment
    when your 16 you can work/ federal income
  13. senate rules stop debate
    • vote for cloture
    • call for a vote on a bill
    • 60 votes
  14. social contract
    suggest that goverments are only legitimate if they are created by a voluntary impact amoung the people
  15. confederation
    a loose association of states or territorial units formed for a common purpose
  16. constitution
    the basic framework of law that prescribes how goverment is to be made, and what powers and resposibilities it shall have
  17. articles of the confederation
    the first constitution of the united statesadopted during the last stages of the revolutionary war,created a system of goverment with most power lodged in the states and little in the central goverment
  18. republicanism
    a political docterine advocating for limited goverment based on popular consent.protected against majority tyranny.
  19. tyranny
    a goverment that systematically violates the rights of the individual
  20. unicarmel
    a legislative body with a single chamber
  21. stay acts
    enactments postponing the collections of taxes or mortgae payments
  22. virginia plan
    proposal by the large states at the strong central goverment with power of goverment apportioned to the states in the basis of population
  23. new jersey plan
    proposal of the smaller states at the constitutional convention to create a goverment based on the equal representation of the states in unucameral legislature
  24. connecticut compromise
    also called the great compromise;the compromise between the new jersey and virginia plans formulated by the connecticut delegates at the constitutional convection; called for a lower legislature house based on the equal represenetive of all states
  25. federal
    desribing a system in which significant govermental are powers are divided between a central goverment and smaller territorial units
  26. supremecy clause
    the provision in article vi of the constitution that states the constitution and the laws of treatis are the surpreme law of the land
  27. elastic clause
    article i, section 8. of the constitution also called the nessecary and proper clause. gives congress the power to make what ever laws possible
  28. seperation of powers
    the distribution of goverment legislative, executive, and judicial, powers to seperate branches of the goverment
  29. checks and balances
    the constitutional principle that goverment power shall be divided and that the fragments should balance or check one another to prevent tyranny
  30. free enterprise
    same as capitalism; a economic system charecterized by competitive markets and private ownership
  31. federalists
    proponents of the constitution during the ratifaction fight;
  32. anti federalist
    oppenents of the constitution during the fight over ratifacation
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