Welding Simulated Exam 1

  1. In an E7018 electrode, the (E) designates

    C. Electrode
  2. What does the fourth digit (8) of a 7018 electrode indicate?

    D. Polarity and type of Coating
  3. The effective length of a full size fillet weld shall not be less than :

    C. 4 times the nominal size
  4. The building code for the city of LA specifies:

    B. All of these
  5. When welding with direct current electrode positive, what is the destination of the electrons?

    B. From the work piece, to the machine, back to the workpiece
  6. Which of the following electrodes has a low hydrogen covering?

    B. E7018
  7. When welding in the vertical position, all passes shall be :

    B. Uphill
  8. The flux coated electrode is used in which of the following processes:

    D. Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW)
  9. In an L.A City approved shop, the welding shall be done by the operators certified by the department of

    C. None of these
  10. The minimum depth of filling a plug weld in material 1" thick shall be:

    C. 5/8
  11. All surfaces to be welded should always be free from

    D. All of these
  12. The E6010 electrode will give better penetration than:

    A. All of these
  13. Before welding the second side of a complete joint penetration groove weld, the root will have to be

    D. All of the Above
  14. Which of the following electrodes should you whip or oscillate?

    B. E6010
  15. Which of the following is the deepest penetrating electrode?

    D. E6010
  16. For repairing defective welds, the maximum diameter electrode to use shall be ?
    A. 1/8 "
    B 5/16 "
    C. 3/16 "
    D. 5/32"
    D. 5/32 "
  17. If the tensile strength of a single pass made with an E6010 is 60,000 P.S.I., what would the tensile strength of six passes be ?

    C. both A&C
  18. Back up strips should be removed from welds?

    C. optional
  19. The effective throat of a fillet weld shall be measured by?

    B. The distance from the root to the face
  20. What does the 70XX designation on welding electrode indicate to the welder?

    C. 70,000 P.S.I tensile strength
  21. Roots of groove or fillet welds may be backed by :

    D. All of these
  22. Which chapter in AWS. D1.1 would a person find information on repairing and/or strengthening an existing structure?

    C. Ch. 8
  23. Which of the following indicates the welding position for E71T-8?

    D. 1
  24. What is the tensile strength of E8018?

    C. 80,000 psi
  25. Which table in the D1.1 Code containse the information about preheats and inter pass temperature?

    D. 3.2
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