biology Quiz

  1. Equation for photosynthesis?
    Carbon dioxide+ water+ sunlight ---> oxygen + glucose
  2. 4 chararistics of a plant that make it a plant?
    • autotroup
    • eukaryotic
    • multicellular
    • cell walls made of cellulose
  3. posotive things plants give us?
    • oxygen
    • clothing
    • medicine
    • energy
  4. photosynthesis takes place in what organelle?
  5. photosynthesis takes place on what?
    the blade
  6. cell walls are made of what?
  7. Transpiration is what?
    loss of water through stoma
  8. what are the two parts of the vascular tissue?
    xylm and phloem
  9. what does the xylm do?
    transportation of water and minerals
  10. what does he phloem do?
  11. what does phototropism doing?
    going towards the light
  12. what are four ways seeds dispurt?
    • wind
    • water
    • fruit
    • sticker burs
  13. shape of aplant cell?
  14. what does photosynthesis?
  15. what part stores water?
    A. vacuole
  16. whats picture d?
    D. cellulose or cell wall
  17. B. cloroplast
    B. cloroplast
  18. top of the flower
    A. blade
  19. connects the stem and leaf?
    B. petiole
  20. The lines on the leaf?
    C. veins
  21. waxey covering of the leaf?
    A. cuticle
  22. cell that guards the stomata?
    B. guard cells
  23. opening?
    C. stomata
  24. top of stamen?
    G. anther
  25. male part of the flower?
    B. stamen
  26. girl part of the flower?
    C. pistol
  27. what receves pollen and gives it to the overys?
  28. stem is part of what tissue?
    vascular tissue
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