Science 2

  1. Name two reasons we have seasons.
    Two reasons we have seasons is because of the Earths tilt and revelution.
  2. What is an Axis??
    An axis is an imagenary line that passes through Earth's center and the north and south poles, about which Earth Rotates.
  3. What is an orbit??
    An orbit is the path of an object around another object.
  4. What is revelution??
    Revelution is the movement of an object as it revolves around another object in space.
  5. What is Rotation??
    Rotation is the spinning motion of a planet about its axis.
  6. What is and Equinox??
    An Equinox is the two days of a year on which neither hemishere is tilted toward or away from the sun (day and night are the same)
  7. What is an solstice?
    An solstice is when the two days of the year on which the noon sun is directly overhead at either 23.5 degrees south or 23.5 degrees north.
  8. What is Latitude??
    Latitude is a measurement of distance from the equator, expressed in degrres north or south.
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