qz 5 & 6

  1. the ___test is performed to monitor oral anticoagulation therapy
    therapeutic drug monitoring
  2. a___ measures the volume of a patient's red blood cells in relationship to the plasma
  3. when performing a ___ the puncture site is prepped with alcohol and iodine and considered sterile
    blood culture
  4. a ___ test is performed after the patient has fasted for 12 hours and then given a commercially prepared drink
  5. a ____ requires that detailed documentation tracks a forensic specimen from the time of collection until the results are reported
    chain of custody
  6. a ____ is an accumulation of blood at the venipuncture site
  7. patient identification is critical. when verifying information on an inpatient, compare the test requisition slip with the patient's _____
    wrist band information
  8. ___ is the specimen of choice for drugs of abuse testing
  9. ___ fluid is collected via spinal tap
  10. a ___ tube contains an antiglycolytic agent
  11. what is TDM
    therapeutic drug monitoring
  12. what test was invented by Duke and modified by Ivey in 1940?
    bleeding time
  13. which of the following features does NOT characterize RBC's?

    D) are smaller and more compact than platelets
  14. which statement describes plasma?

    B) it is the fluid portion of unclotted blood
  15. what happens to blood cells when a specimen is centrifuged?

    A) the cells sink to the bottom of the tube
  16. to prevent skin and mucous membrane exposure when contact with a patient's blood is anticipated, the following should be worn

    D) PPE
  17. after completion of a blood draw, which step should occur last?
    a) the gloves are removed
    b) the lab coat is removed
    d) wash hands
    e) the gown is removed
    d) wash hands
  18. a nurse stated to a phlebotomist that one of the patient's lab test results was a mistake. the nurse asked the phlebotomist to change the test results immediately. what should the phlebotomist do?

    B) investigate the situation more thoroughly prior to taking action
  19. which of the following anticoagulants is found in a purple topped blood collection vacuum tube?

    D) EDTA
  20. which of the following is a serum separation tube?

    B) SST tube
  21. which of the following contains an antiglycolytic agent?

    B) gray topped tube
  22. the red and black speckled topped blood collection tube should be gently inverted five times so blood clotting occurs in

    C) 15 minutes
  23. where is the anticubital area?

    B) slightly below the elbow
  24. during venipucture procedure, the needle should always be inserted with the:

    D) bevel side up
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