Inheritance types

  1. polymorphism
    gene variant is in less than 1% of population
  2. Sex-linked
    • inheritance of genes that are unique to a sex chromosomes
    • pseudoautosomal genes – genes on both sex chromosomes appear to be on autosomes
  3. Sex-influenced
    • An allele is expressed differently in each sex.
    • Behaving dominantly in one sex and recessively in the other
  4. Sex-limited
    An allele is only expressed in one or the other sex
  5. gene dosage effect
  6. allelic series
    Dominance hierarchy will exist for multiple alleles
  7. Lethal alleles
    • versions of genes w/potential to cause the death of the organism
    • typically mutations in essential genes
    • recessives and dominant inheritance patterns
  8. Nonessential genes
    • are those not absolutely required for survival
    • mutation deleterious
  9. Essential genes
    • are those that are absolutely required for survival
    • The absence of their protein product leads to a lethal phenotype
    • It is estimated that about 1/3 of all genes are essential for survival
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