1. Echinacea
    what is it used for?
    drug interactions
    • decrease cold duration
    • immunostimulant
    • increases leukocytes, inhibits COX
    • avoid taking w/ NSAIDs, increased risk for GI bleed
  2. Gingseng
    what does it do?
    toxicities? drug interactions
    • use: CV, hyperglycemia, energy
    • interactions w/ antipsychotics, oral anticoagulants, caffiene, MAOI
    • SE: schizophrenia, inhibition of platelet aggregation, increased bleeding
  3. Ginkgo Biloba
    • Use: claudication (reduce ischemia from blood clot), dementia (ALZ pts), cerebral insufficiency
    • Drug interactions:
    • warfarin, NSAIDS, clopidogrel, decreases nifedipine & omeprazole, increased sedation w/ trazadone
    • Side effects: SZ, bleeding
  4. Garlic

    • B) Use: cholesterol lowering agent
    • drug interactions: oral coagulants, HIV drug metabolism
    • SE: bleeding
  5. St. John's Wort

    • A) Use: anti-depressant
    • Drug interaction: induces CYP3A4 (increases metabolism w/ many drugs), interacts w/ other anti-depressants - serotonin syndrome
    • side effect: mild- headache and upset stomach,
  6. Peppermint

    • C) use: GI discomfort, cough, tension headache (topical headache)
    • drug interaction: inhibits CYP3A4
    • Side effects:
    • at low doses - headache, dizziness, muscle tremor, anal burning
    • high dose: brain damage, gallbladder disease, skin damage, kidney damage
  7. Ginger

    • B) Use: hyperemesis gravidarum (super barfing during pregnancy), antiplatelet agent, migraine
    • Drug interaction: anti-coags like warfarin
    • Side effects: well tolerated
  8. Soy
    drug interactions
    side effects
    • use: high cholesterol, acute diarrhea in kids, menopausal sx
    • drug interactions: aromatase inhibitors, possible warfarin
    • side effects: decrease thyroid hormone, migraine, pancreatitis, estrogen like effects.
  9. chamomile
    drug interactions:
    side effects
    • use: nausea, irritable bowel, dysmenorrhea, peptic ulcer, nervous system disorders
    • drug: oral anticoag
    • Side effects: decrease iron absorption , increased bleeding
  10. Kava Kava

    • A) use: anxiolytic
    • drug interactions; benzo, barbs, ethanol, antihistamines, anesthetics, antipsycholtocs

    SE: serious heptatoxicity, extrapyramidal effects, dermopathy, hair loss, hearing loss.
  11. Saw Palmetto

    • C) use: pee probs, BPH
    • drug interaction: warfarin
    • side effects: nausea, hypertension, headache, urinary retention, abdominal pain
    • contraindicated in pts w/ breast cancer, estrogen replacement, pregnant and lactating
  12. Milk thistle

    • C) use: hepato protectant- esp mushroom poisoining and EtOH liver
    • drug interactions: several CYPs
    • well tolerated
  13. Feverfew

    • C) use: migraine, arthritis
    • drug interactiosn: anti coags, anti platelet drugs
    • side effects: mouth ulcers, GI upset, external dematitis
  14. Horse Chestnut seed

    • C) use: chronic venous insufficiency and hemmeroids
    • Drug interactions: oral anticoags
    • SE: renal and blood toxcity, not safe at high doses
  15. Bromelain Pineapple enzyme

    • B) use: sinusitis, inflammation
    • DI: anticoags,
    • SE:GI upset and hypersensitivity
  16. Chasteberry

    • B) use: hyperprolactinema, mentrasual complaints
    • DI; none
    • SE: rash, GI upset, don't use for pregnant and lactating woman
  17. Black Cohash

    • A) use: breast cancer, menopause, migranine
    • DI- none
    • SE- acute hepatitis, N/V, dizziness, nervous system
  18. Comfrey

    • A) use: digest aid, wound healing, inflammation, myalgia
    • DI : none
    • SE: hepatotoxic
  19. Greater Celandine

    • C) use: cancer, biliary colic
    • drug interactions - none
    • SE: acute cholestatic hepattis, stomach pain, urinary urgency, hematuria, stupor
  20. Mistletoe
    • use; cancer treatment
    • DI- none
    • SE: chils, fever, orthostatic hypotension, chest pain
  21. Valerian

    • B) use: sedative hyponotic
    • DI: EtOH, Barbs, Benzos, anesthetics
    • SE: decreases Fe absorption (tannin containing), sedation
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