H Science/Technology

  1. Archimedes-
    from Hellenic Greece; mathematician; invented a compound pulley which was a valuable tool for moving heavy weights
  2. Euclid-
    from Hellenic Greece; famous mathematician; his work became the standard text on the subject
  3. Erastothenes-
    from Hellenic Greece; mathematician; created the word geography and invented a system of latitude and longitude; which we still use today
  4. Heraclides of Pontus-
    from Hellenic Greece; philosophers and astronomer; originator of the heliocentric theory; which we still agree with today
  5. Heron/Hero-
    from Hellenic Greece; mathematician and engineer; invented a steam powered engine which is what today’s steam powered engines are based on
  6. Hipparchus-
    from Hellenic Greece; astronomer; created accurate models for the motion of the Sun and Moon which we still use
  7. Pharos-
    from Hellenic Greece; an island where scientists built a lighthouse to make sure that ships could enter the port safely
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H Science/Technology
H Science/Technology