C/H Religion/Philosophy

  1. Academy-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; school created by Plato which taught mostly math. It closed down because the people didn’t want pagan theories going around
  2. Aristotle-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; philosopher; believed that ideas cannot exist outside of their physical manifestations. He also divided knowledge into categories which were kept for thousands of years.
  3. Diogenes-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; philosopher; Founder of cynic philosophy.
  4. Heraclitus of Ephesus-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece, philosopher; Created the word “Logos” which was adopted by the New Testament to mean the “Word of God”
  5. Lyceum-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; Athenian school founded by Aristotle; Fell with the fall of Athens
  6. Parmenides- from Classical/Hellenic Greece; founder of the Eleatic school of philosophy. His ideas strongly influence Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.
  7. Plato-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; philosopher; believed that truth and justice existed only as ideal models. Preserved Socrates’ ideas since he did not leave any writings.
  8. Pythagoras-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; mathematician; believed that order in the universe was based on numbers (not water). He was so respected that his followers developed a religious cult in his name.
  9. Socrates-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; philosopher; He developed his ideas as a reaction against the Sophists’ moral relativism. Since he left no writings, his ideas were preserved by his student Plato.
  10. Sophists-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; traveled from place to place to teach rhetoric and literary analysis. It is now considered a specious argument used for deceiving someone.
  11. Thales-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; philosopher; believed in an orderly cosmos that was accessible to human reason. This formed the heart of much subsequent Greek and Western inquiry
  12. Zeno of Elea-
    from Classical/Hellenic Greece; philosopher; Zeno's paradoxes have puzzled, challenged, influenced, inspired, philosophers, mathematicians, and physicists for over two millennia.
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C/H Religion/Philosophy
C/H Religion/Philosophy