Major Wars

  1. First battle-Lexington and Concord(1775)
    Amercian Revolution
  2. Major battles
    -Bunker Hill(1775)
    -Fort Ticonderoga(1775)
    -Valley Forge(1777)
    Amercian Revolution
  3. Delaration of Independence-declared that colonies were free from England, 1776
    Amercian Revolution
  4. Contential Congress
    -federal legislature of the 13 colonies under the Articles of Confederation(1774-1775)
    Amercian Revolution
  5. Constitution
    -replaced Articles of Conferderation in 1789
    Amercian Revolution
  6. End of war
    -surrender of British General Cornwallis to George Washington at Yorktown(1781)
    -treaty recognized the United States as a seperate nation signed n Paris(1782)
    Amercian Revolution
  7. start of war- Harper's Ferry (1859)
    American Civil War
  8. first battle-Fort Sumter(1861) and Bull Run(1861)
    American Civil War
  9. Major battles
    - Sherman's March to the Sea(1864)
    -Vicksburg(1863)-great victory for Grant
    American Civil War
  10. End of war-surrender of General Lee to General Grant at Appomatox(1865)
    American Civil War
  11. Start of war-storming of the Bastille(1789)
    French Revolution
  12. -Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen
    -Reign of Terror, which ended 9 Thermidor with the execution of Robespierre
    -coup d'atat of 18 Brumaire whereby Napoleon I becomes consul
    French Revelution
  13. End of war- treaty of Amiens, France(1802)
    French Revolution
  14. Start of War
    -assassiatioin of Archduke Ferdinand(1941)
    -sinking of Luistania by the Germans led to the U.S entry into the war( 1915)
    World War I
  15. Major battles
    World War I
  16. Offensive Characteristics
    -trench welfare
    -use of poison gas
    World War I
  17. End of War
    -Treaty of Versailles(1918); attempt to divide nations on basis of national self-determination; establishment of the League of Nations
    World War I
  18. Major Events
    -Munich Pact(1938), policy of appeasment, associated withe British Prime Minister Chamberlain
    World War II
  19. Start of War
    -blitzkrieg over Poand(1939)
    -sinking of Arizona and other ships at Pearl Harbor attack in Honolulu led to US declaration of war against Germany and Japan(1941)
    World War II
  20. Major Battles
    -Alamein(North Africa 1942)
    World War II
  21. Characteristics
    -tank warfare
    -use of massive bombing by air force
    -development of atomic weapons
    World War II
  22. End of War
    -Japan surrenders unconditionally to Patsdam Conference(1945)
    World War II
  23. Conflicting sides
    -Bolsheviks(majority) vs. Mensheviks(minority)
    Russian Civil War
  24. leater of opposing sides
    -Lenin and Trotsky(reds) vs. Kerensky and Plekanov(whites)
    Russian Civil War
  25. Meeting of Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin during WWII(1945)
    Yalta Conference
  26. End of Napoleonic Wars(1814-1815)
    Conference of Vienna
  27. Meeting of Truman, Churchill, and Stalin during WWII
    Postdam German
  28. Reagan-Gorbachev summit meeting(1986)
    Reykjavik Conference
  29. End of Korean War
    Panmunjon, Korea
  30. End of War of 1812
    Ghent, Belgium
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