California History Exam 2

  1. Spanish Trouble upper Mexico
    The spanish had trouble getting people to move over to upper Mexico because it was the middle of nowhere.
  2. What the US wanted
    • California had land for settlers.
    • Pacific Ports for trading with Asia.
  3. Americans who wanted California as part of the US
    • Afred Robinson
    • Senator Thomas Hart Benton.
  4. Afred Robinson
    • Had a store in California(Santa Barbara) General store
    • Every American who came into his store, he would mention to them that California should be part of the US.
  5. Senator Thomas Hart Benton
    • He would metion to the importanrt people in the US that California should be part of the US.
    • He made a story up about the British Might take California.
    • His argument was that Mexico had borrowed so much money from the british that now they cant afford to pay them back. Said Mexico is going to pay them with the land.
    • Two books that supported his argument was Forbes and McNamara. Both books were from British writers and they are talking about California and its resources.
  6. US Presidents interested in California
    • President Jackson
    • President Polk
  7. Isaac Graham
    • Wagon train type of person
    • Had been to California before
    • He had a plan to start a war with Mexico, take California, and declare it independent. Then join the US
    • His example was Texas
    • His plan failed. word got out and the Mexican Goverment arrested him and also disarmed him.
  8. President Jackson's attempt to Purchase.
    • 1837 offered $3.5 M for Nothern California and had to have a port.
    • Mexican Goverment decline offer.
    • Mexicos argument was that they paln to develope it.
  9. President Polk Attempt to Purchase
    • 1845 Texas became part of the US. Mexico didnt like it and cut all diplomat relations with the US
    • Polk tried one last time before he plans to invade California.
    • He sent a Diplomat by the name of Slidell to make an offer.
    • Mexican President decline and told him they would have to fight for it.
  10. Catesby Jones
    • Cammander of the USN Pasific Squadron.
    • His mission was that if he heard any news about war started between Mexico and the US he was to invade and capture Monterey the capital of California at the time.
  11. Catesby Jones Assumption
    • While he was in a port in Chile buying supplies, he heard rumors about war starting between US and Mexico.
    • When he arrived in the next stop in a port in Peru he asked and got the same rumor.
    • He is convince that war had started between the two countries. he is more convince that the rumor is true when he see the French Navy and the British Navy also in the port of Peru.
    • He notice that both Navys left the port in emergency condition one after the other heading the same direction.
    • He assumes they are Headed to California to help the Mexican army. but in reality the french were on there way to invade some pacific island while the british were there following the french navy to make sure they didnt take more they they are soppose to.
  12. Catesby Jones Mistake
    • He assumes War had started.
    • After leaving the port in Peru he rushed to upper California.
    • When the Californians saw the American Navy ship they thought it was a friendly visit since americans bought a lot of supplies from them.
    • Jones Invades and Captures the Capital of California (Monterey) easily.
    • Larken came down from Sacramento and notice the American flag waving high in the air. He had a conversation with Jones and put him straight and told him no war have started.
    • Jones gave back the land and and left.
  13. Catesby Jones Mistake Consequence
    • After making the mistake of invade and capturing Monterey he was pulled away from Cammading the Pacific Squadron and put behind a desk.
    • Mexican Leaders also heard of the incident and were troubled by it. they now know the American intentions and now have the ability to send troops over to protect.
  14. John Charles Fremont 1846
    • He is an officer in the US Army and was a mapmaker for them aka explorers.
    • Map makers in his time were treated as heros because they would explore the unknown sometimes.
    • His wife Jessie Benton would Rewirte his report and make them more interesting like a novel.
    • Jessie Benton was the daughter of Senator Benton.
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