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  1. Hirshsprung affects what part of the lg. intestine?
  2. Secondary pneumonia following Influenza infection is usually caused by what 3 bacteria?
    • Strep. Pneumo
    • Staph. aureus
    • H. Influenzae
  3. Change in what ion concentration causes Digoxin toxicity?
    Digoxin toxicity causes changes concentration of what ion?
    • potassium
    • potassium
  4. What cardiac drug causes blurry vision?
  5. 2 uses of atrial fibrillation?
    • CHF(increases contractility)
    • Atrial Fibrillation (negative chronotrophy at the AV node)
  6. What drugs cause altered/blurry vision?
    • Digoxin
    • Sildenafil
    • hexamethonium
  7. What is a pituitary apoplexy?
    Hemorrhage into an existing pituitary Adenoma
  8. What are the 5 pacemakers of the heart?
    SAHPy V
    • SA
    • AV
    • His Bundle
    • Purkinje
    • y
    • Ventricles
  9. What is the speed of conduction in the heart, from slowest to fastest?
    Purkinje>atria>ventricle>AV node
  10. What effect does glucose have on cAMP in the bacteria's lac operon?
    decreases levels of cAMP
  11. What are the dimorphic fungi?
    • Blastomycosis
    • Histoplasma
    • Coccidomycosis
    • Sporothrix
  12. Cigar shaped yeasts?
  13. Appel-peel lesion on xray?
    jejunal, ileal atresia due to vascular occlusion
  14. What causes spider angiomas?
    estrogen i.e liver cirrhosis
  15. How can one differentiate malabsorption caused by pancreatic insufficiency vs GI mucosal pathology?
    by giving D-xylose which is a monosaccharide so it doesnt need a pancreatic enzyme and it shud be readily absorbed thru the intact GI mucosa
  16. What cancers metastesize to the liver?
    • cancer-colon
    • sometimes -stomach
    • penetrates -pancreas
    • benign -breast
    • liver?-liver
  17. What are the 2 most common sites for Colon cancer?
    • ascending colon producing anemia
    • rectosigmoid colon producing obstruction and altered bowel movement
  18. RX for neuropathic pain in elderly?
    Amitryptilline--which has anti-muscarinic effects
  19. What are the 3 anti-TNF medications?
    • Etanercept
    • Infliximab
    • Adalimumab
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