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  1. The ____ ___ keeps us from getting respiratory infections
    Mucociliary escalator
  2. What are the 2 components of the mucociliary escalator
    Mucus and cilia
  3. In the mucociliary escalator, ___ traps the virus and ___ sweepts it out
    Mucus, cilia
  4. What are 3 things that paralyze the mucociliary escalator
    Tobacco smoke, alcohol, narcotics
  5. ___ and ____ interfere with cilia, making users predisposed to respiratory infection
    alcohol and tobacco
  6. Mucus is produced by ___ cells
  7. Which are more serious? Upper or lower respiratory tract infections
  8. What are EENT infections
    Eye, ear, nose, throat
  9. Pain, fever, and difficulty with swallowing are symptoms of ____ ___ ____
    Streptococcal sore throat
  10. A symptom of strep throat is red throat, with patches of ___
  11. Strep throat is usually not associated with ___ or ___ ___
    Cough, runny nose
  12. S. pyogenes is part of group ___ strep
  13. Group A strep virulence factors includes ___ peptidase.
  14. In group A strep, the ___ ___ capsule mimics self antigen
    Hyaluronic acid
  15. In group A strep, the _ protein contains __ protease, and is the antigen responsible for late sequelae
    M, C3b
  16. In group A strep, ___ dissolves blood clots
  17. In group A strep, streptokinase helps the virus ___ easier in the blood, and can also act as a blood thinner or ___
    Penetrate, anticoagulate
  18. Exotoxins, hemolysins, streptokinase, M and G proteins, hyaluronic acid and C5a peptidase are virulence factors of ___
    Group A strep
  19. In group A strep, the G protein has an ___ binding protein
  20. Acute rheumatic fever is a late sequelae of ___
    Strep throat
  21. In acute rheumatic fever, antibodies are made against the ___ protein
  22. In acute rheumatic fever, antibodies erode valves, helping ___ attach
  23. In acute rheumatic fever, viridians (which are ___) can colonize the heart valve
    Normal mouth flora
  24. When normal mouth flora colonize the heart valve, it is called subacute bacterial ____
  25. In acute rheumatic fever, antibodies erode valves by recruiting ___ cells and the ___
    NK, complement system
  26. In acute rheumatic fever, the antibodies elicit a type ___ hypersensitivity response
  27. Corynebacterium diphtheriae have an __ toxin
  28. Low __ in hosts is a sign that diphtheria is in the body
  29. Diphtheria produces ___ that ?steal? hosts? Fe
  30. In diphtheria, the __ part of the toxin binds to receptors on heart, kidneys, and throat
  31. In diptheria, the A part of the toxin stops __
    Protein synthesis
  32. __ may cause heart failure by killing heart cells
  33. a ___ forms from dead cells in the throat, blocking the airway
  34. diptheria spreads by ___
    respiratory droplets
  35. diphtheria may have __ carriers
  36. you should get a diphtheria vaccine if youre travelling to __
  37. Diphtheria is treated with an ___
  38. Antitoxins are (passive/active?) immunity
  39. __ and ___ are vaccines for diphtheria
    DTaP and DPT
  40. A common name for bacterial conjunctivitis is __
  41. Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib), strep pneumonia, neusseria gonorrhoeae, and pseudomonas are organizations that may cause ___
    Bacterial conjunctivitis
  42. Pseudomonas that cause pinkeye may be present in contaminated __
  43. If pus is associated with pinkeye, it is a (bacterial/viral?) infection
  44. A common name for otitis media is ___
    Ear infection
  45. Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) and strep pneumoniae are 2 organisms that may cause __ and __ infections
    Ear and eye
  46. Haemophilus (Hib) and strep pneumoniae may travel through the Eustachian tube from the pharynx, where they are normally __
    Native flora
  47. Headache, swelling, and pus in nasal secretions are symptoms for __
  48. Same bacteria that cause sinus infections may also cause __ and __ infections because they are all connected
    Ear and eye
  49. The same bacteria can cause eye, ear, and nasal infections because they are all connected by __ and __
    Tear ducts, eustachian tube
  50. Hib may cause bacterial conjunctivitis, otitis media, and ___
  51. Strep pneumoniae is a (lower/upper) respiratory tract infection
  52. The most common of community-acquired bacterial pneumonia is __
    Strep pneumoniae
  53. In a ___ infection, the lungs are filled with liquid
    Strep pneumoniae
  54. High fever and exudate from pneumonia are caused by an immune response by the ___ and ___
    PMNs and diplococci
  55. High fever and acute shortness of breath are associated with __
  56. For pneumonia, a _-valent vaccine is available for adults and __-valent for kids
    23, 7
  57. the common cold is caused by __
  58. rhinovirus is a __virus
  59. the __ is a naked, ssRNA
  60. the ___ is a naked, dsDNA
  61. the rhinovirus can survive the acidity of the ___ but not of the __
    upper respiratory tract, stomach
  62. the rhinovirus only spreads by ___
    respiratory droplets
  63. the rhinovirus binds to __ cell receptors
  64. after the rhinovirus binds, cell death induces ___ mediators, causing secretions and swelling
  65. ___ causes the most common infectious disease
  66. There are more than __ different rhinoviruses
  67. pleconaril is a new drug to treat ___
    rhinovirus/common cold
  68. pleconaril binds to ___
  69. pleconaril inhibits ___ binding
  70. a cold with a fever is caused by ___
  71. ___ can survive in stomach acid, but __ cannot
    adenovirus, rhinovirus
  72. ___ can be spread fecally, but __ cannot
    adenovirus, rhinovirus
  73. some strains of ___ can cause diarrhea
  74. the treatment for adenovirus is usually just for ___
  75. a sore throat can be caused by both __ and ___
    adenovirus, streptococcus
  76. a sore throat from ___ is much worse than from __
    streptococcus, adenovirus
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