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  1. Of the four types of college fraternities, which one is Delta Sigma Pi?
    Professional Fraternity.
  2. Of which national interfraternal association is Delta Sigma Pi a prominent member?
    Professional Fraternity Association
  3. What is the purpose of Delta Sigma Pi
    Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship,social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closeraffiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethicsand culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.
  4. Give the date and place of the founding of Delta Sigma Pi
    • -November 7, 1907
    • -School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance of New York University, New York, New York.
  5. Give the complete names of the four Founders of Delta Sigma Pi.
    • -Alexander Frank Makay
    • -Alfred Moysello
    • -Henry Albert Tienken
    • -Harold Valentine Jacobs
  6. What is Delta Sigma Pi’s “Central Office” and how is the Central Office staff different from the National Board of Directors?
    • Central Office:
    • -National administrative headquarters for both the Fraternity and LeadershipFoundation.
    • -The Executive Director is in charge of the Central Office
    • -Has a full time paid staff of directors.
    • Board of Directors:
    • -Group of elected, unpaid volunteers who serve as the executive,legislative and judicial body of the Fraternity
    • -The ExecutiveDirector reports to the Board of Directors.
  7. Who established the Central Office and served as its director for 31 years?
    Henry Gilbert Wright (H.G "Gig" Wright)
  8. In what city was the Central Office established? Where is it located today?
    • -Established in Chicago
    • -Today, located at 330 South Campus Avenue, Oxford, Ohio 45056
  9. Name the Fraternity’s supreme governing body. Where and when does it next meet?
    • -The Grand Chapter
    • -Next meeting on August (7-11-13) at Grand Chapter Congress in Seattle, Washington
  10. Name the current and past Grand President
    Current: Mark Chiacchiari

    Past: Mitchell B. "Mitch" Simmons
  11. Name the Vice President of Organizational Development
    Joseph "Joe" Ward
  12. Name the Vice President of Finance
    Shane Borden
  13. Who is the previous and current collegian of the year
    Previous: Jenny Terbrock

    Current: Cody Silva
  14. Who are your Provincial Vice President and Regional Vice President?
    Provincial: Jodi Schoh

    Regional: Matt Carrington
  15. What is the name of your province and region?
    Province: North Central Province

    Region: Huron
  16. What are the names of the active collegiate chapters, alumni chapters, and colonies in your region?
    • Wayne State University: Gamma Theta,
    • Ferris State University: Delta Rho,
    • Grand Valley State University: Lambda Xi,
    • Michigan State University: Gamma Kappa,
    • Saginaw Valley State University: Mu Phi,
    • University of Michigan: Xi,
    • Western Michigan University: Epislon Omicron,
    • Albion College: Pi Tau,
    • Indiana University Purdue University at Fort Wayne: Iota Lambda.
  17. What colony is in your region?
    The colony at Central Michigan
  18. What is the alumni chapter in your region?
    Detroit Motown Alumni Chapter (DMAC) and it is inactive
  19. Who appoints a District Director? Who is your District Director?
    The Regional Vice President appoints the District Director. Our District Director is vacant at the moment
  20. Name your Chapter Advisor. Who may serve as a Chapter Advisor and how is he or she elected?
    • Dr. Antoinette Somers.
    • A faculty initiate or a member of the school's faculty or administration, elected by a majority vote of the chapter and reported to the Central Office, may serve as the Chapter Advisor.
  21. Name at least six services provided, and/or publications produced, by the Fraternity's Central Office Staff.
    • -Coordinators of the Chapter Management Program
    • -Publisher of The Deltasig Magazine,
    • -Distibuter of the DSP Scholarship Key,
    • -Custodian of all Fraternity funds,
    • -Producer of the Fraternity website,
    • -Arranges the Grand Chapter Congress.
  22. What is the Chapter Management Program? What are the three levels chapters should strive to achieve?
    • -A web-based program
    • -The method of formal communication between collegiate chapters and the national Fraternity.
    • -Divided into three achievement levels: Accredited Chapter, Chapter of Recognition and Chapter of Excellence.
    • (Every chapter must at least reach the accredited level)
  23. To whom is the Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key awarded?
    Awarded to the graduating senior in commerce, business administration, or economics who ranks highest in each class (whether or not a Deltasig).
  24. Why should you participate in the LEAD program?
    I should participate to better myself personally, professionally and fraternally while also developing my leadership skills
  25. What is the National Fraternity's website address?
  26. Explain the Educational and Leadership Consultant program in your own words.
    • - Periodically visit each chapter on their respective campus.
    • - Visits include meetings, training, and discussions.
    • - Promotes membership benefits, the Leadership Foundation, and leadership opportunities.
    • - Leads to a well-rounded chapter with improved effectiveness in business
  27. How many collegiate chapters have been established and how many collegiate chapters are active today? How many alumni chapters are active today?
    • Established: 273
    • Active: 203
    • Alumni: 56
  28. Write the Greek alphabet both in English and using the Greek letters.
    • Alpha = A
    • Beta = B
    • Gamma = Γ
    • Delta = Δ
    • Epsilon = E
    • Zeta = Z
    • Eta = H
    • Theta = Θ
    • Iota = I
    • Kappa = K
    • Lambda = Λ
    • Mu = M
    • Nu = N
    • Xi = Ξ
    • Omicron = O
    • Pi = Π
    • Rho = P
    • Sigma = Σ
    • Tau = T
    • Upsilon = Υ
    • Phi = Φ
    • Chi = X
    • Psi = Ψ
    • Omega = Ω
  29. What is the Greek letter name of your chapter and on what date was it founded?
    • - Gamma Theta ΓΘ
    • - Founded May 7th 1949
  30. Name up to five Deltasigs who are members of your school’s faculty and/or staff
    • - Antoinette Somers (ISM)
    • - Angela Andrews (Accounting)
    • - Richard Osborn (Management)
    • - Hugh Cannon (Marketing)
    • - Allan Goodman (Economics)
  31. Approximately how many people have been initiated into the Fraternity since its founding?
    Over 230,000
  32. Write the words of the chorus to the song "Rose of Deltasig"
    • Rose of Deltasig I love you, Rose of Delta Sigma Pi,
    • When the shades of night are falling I dream of days gone by; As I go thru life's long journey, Memories will never die,
    • I will always hear you calling, Rose of Delta Sigma Pi.
  33. Write the correct abbreviation for a member of Delta Sigma Pi.
  34. In your own words, what is the mission of the Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation?
    • -Raise funds for scholarship
    • -Promote brotherhood
    • -Ensure the existance of educational programs
  35. Name several ways to support the fraternity after graduation.
    • -Participating in the alumni chapter
    • -Attending chapter events
    • -Establishing an alumni chapter
    • -Donating money
  36. In your own words, define the ideal member
    • -Complies with morals and values
    • -Willing to sacrifice their viewpoint for the greater good
    • -Does everything with accuracy and precision
    • -Gives back to the Leadership foundation when able
  37. In your own words, define the ideal chapter
    • -All members succesfully carryout the chapters objectives
    • -All members work together well
    • -Members stay in constant contact with the central office, alumni, and other chapters
    • -Accomplish big things in the community
  38. What are the five categories of the Risk Management Policy?
    • -Alcohol and Drugs
    • -Statements on Hazing
    • -Discrimination and harassment
    • -House and meeting facilities
    • -Fraternity Events
  39. Name six provisions, from any of the categories, of the Risk Management and Conduct Policy.
    • -No member may serve/purchase/sell alcoholic beverages to any minor
    • -Must be designated non-drinkers at each event -Non-alcoholic beverages must be provided at each event
    • -No drinking games prohibited
    • -Anybody who arrives to an event intoxicated must not be allowed in
    • -No "drinking" event can be planned under the name Delta Sigma Pi
  40. To whom does the Individual Code of Conduct and General Risk Management Policy apply?
    • -Members of DSP
    • -Faculty Members
    • -Pledges
    • -Colony members
    • -Employees
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