Female Reproduction Test

  1. Fertilization of an ovum
    • Sperm attacks, releases an enzyme (hyaluronidase)
    • gradually kills ovums protection,
    • eventually an exposed area of membrane will
    • allow one spermatozoan to penetrate the ovum
  2. Usual signs and symptoms of early pregnancy
    • Missed Menstrual Period
    • Breast Tenderness
    • Morning Sickness
    • Frequent Urination
    • Fatigue
    • Needs More Sleep
  3. Symptoms that Occur Later in Pregnancy
    • Edema of extremitys
    • Constipation
    • Shortness of Breath
    • Indigestion
    • Hemorrhoids
    • Weight gain
    • Size of uterus
    • Urinary Frequency
  4. Uterine Contractions become regular and
    proceeds through cerical dialtion and effacement
    First Stage of Labor
  5. Complete Dialation and entrance of head
    into vagina until it is visible at entrance
    Second stage of Labor
  6. Detachment of placenta from uterin wall and afterbirth are expelled
    Third and final stage of labor
  7. 8 reasons to you Contraceptives
    • Avoid Health Risks
    • Spacing Pregnancies
    • Avoid having babies with birth defects
    • Delay pregnancy in early marriage
    • Limiting family size
    • Avoiding pregnancy among unmarried couples
    • Permit woman to develop successful career
    • Curbing population growth
  8. 14 methods of contraception
    • Abstinence, Sterilization, DMPA suspension
    • Birth control pills,Contraceptive Patch, Contraceptive Ring
    • Intrauterine Device,Diaphragm,Condom,Female Condom
    • Spermicides,Withdrawal,Rythm,Douching
  9. NGU
    Burning on urination, frequent urination, itching.
  10. P.I.D
    • Purulent vaginal discharge, fever, and malaise lower
    • abdominal pain, sever pain on manipulation of the cervix
    • and adjoining structures.
  11. Spontaneous or induced loss of a pregnancy 20 week gestation
  12. Ulceration of the epithelium
    Cervical Erosion
  13. Inflammation of the uterine cervix by an organism
  14. Noncancerous breast lumps in breasts
    Cystic breast disease
  15. Tough fibrous wall is torn during child birth
  16. Uterine pain during menstruation
  17. Endometrial like cells appear and flourish in areas outside
    uterine cavity
  18. Tumor that originates from smooth muscle layers and uterus
  19. Surgical removal of the uterus
  20. Leads to breast cancer
    Malignancy of the breast
  21. Collection of fluid surrounded by a very thin wall in ovary
    Ovarian Cyst
  22. Combination of symptoms preceding menstruation
  23. Growth of slender stem attachment from mucous membranes
  24. Buldging of posterior vaginal wall by rectum into vagina
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