Grade 6 Unit 5-2

  1. participate

    My teacher asked me to participate in the discussion.
    to take part in an activity with others
  2. ordeals

    My grandfather told me about the many ordeals he encountered during the war.
    very difficult tests or experiences
  3. nourishing

    So I can be healthy and strong, I eat plenty of nourishing fruits and vegetables.
    promoting health and growth, healthy
  4. encounter

    My grandfather told me about an encounter he had with my mother.
    any kind of meeting between friends, enemies, or colleagues
  5. grimaced

    The carpenter grimaced when he stepped on the nail.
    to twist the fact to show disgust, pain, or displeasure.
  6. anticipated

    All day we anticipated getting our test scores back.
    expected or looked forward to
  7. dejectedly

    The losing team dejectedly walked off the field.
    showing disheartened, downcast or low spirits
  8. victorious

    The victorious team was given a parade when they returned home.
    having won a contest or conflict.
  9. we participate in the district writing assessment this week
    We participated in the District Writing Assessment this week.

    (to take part in an activity with others)
  10. my aunt told me about his ordeal when walk through the desert with air conditioning
    My aunt told me about her ordeal when walking through the desert without air conditioning.

    (very difficult tests or experiences)
  11. we dejectedly sat in our seat when he lost recess becuz we were to loud
    We dejectedly sat in our seats when we lost recess because we were too loud.

    (showing disheartened, downcast or low spirits)
  12. my family anticipate the vacation we will take during spring break
    My family anticipated the vacation we will take during spring break.

    (expected or looked forward to)
  13. my team was victorious in beat our opponent
    My team was victorious in beating our opponent.

    (having won a contest or conflict)
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Grade 6 Unit 5-2
Grade 6 Unit 5-2