Grade 6 (5-1)

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  1. reputation

    The student's reputation was ruined when he was caught cheating.
    the public’s opinion or reception of someone or something
  2. uttered

    The teacher was angry when someone uttered the answer during the test.
    to express aloud
  3. quickened

    Because he was late, he quickened his pace to get to school in time.
    to move more rapidly or faster
  4. migrant

    The migrant worker moved to Florida in hopes of finding work.
    someone who moves from one region to another in search of work
  5. mistreated

    The student found a mistreated cat and took it to the veterinarian to check out.
    to be treated badly or cruely
  6. wrath

    The football player faced his coach's wrath when he missed the field goal.
    extreme or violent anger
  7. illegally

    The policeman wrote ticket to the driver who was parked illegally.
    acting in an unlawful manner, breaking the law
  8. ruptured

    The water balloon ruptured when we added more water to it.
    – to break open or apart
  9. persuade

    The young man persuaded his friend to go to the movies last night.
    to cause someone to believe or do something by pleading or arguing
  10. excel

    The teacher said it takes a lot of studying to excel in her class.
    to do very well; to succeed
  11. exceptional

    He liked the exceptional artwork that was hung in the library.
    – unusual or out of the ordinary
  12. commitment

    Because joining the football team required a huge time commitment, I had to think twice before trying out.
    the act of devoting oneself; and obligation to do something
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