A330 APU Flash Cards

  1. On the ground with engines not running and no GPU, the APU can be started using:
    All 3 aircraft batteries.
  2. Which one of the following statements is true?
    The APU is supplied by the aircraft fuel system via 2 APU fuel pumps (forward or aft).
  3. The Electronic Control Box (ECB) is primarily a full authority digital electronic controller that performs the APU system logic for all modes of APU operation such as:
    • Sequence and monitoring of start.
    • Speed and temperature monitoring.
    • Monitoring of bleed air and shut down.
  4. The APU BLEED valve is automatically closed above ______ feet climbing by the ECB.
  5. When selected on, the APU START push button, will:
    Start the APU if the APU MASTER SW was previously selected ON.
  6. The APU has an integral independent lubrication system for lubrication and cooling.
  7. Before the APU starter is energized:
    The APU air intake flap must be fully open.
  8. The ECB (Electronic Control Box) controls the fuel flow.
  9. When the APU MASTER SW is selected ON:
    the APU computer automatically completes a self-test, opens the air intake flap and supplies fuel pressure.
  10. The APU MASTER SW FAULT light will illuminate:
    When an automatic shutdown of the APU occurs.
  11. The APU may be started up to what altitude?
    The APU can be started at any altitude using normal aircraft electrical power.
  12. The APU system page will appear on the ECAM:
    • When selected by the crew.
    • Automatically whenever the APU is started and AC power is available.
  13. You switch off the APU but curiously you still have the APU AVAIL indications.
    The APU will run for a cooling period of 60 to 120 seconds because you have been using the APU bleed
  14. The air intake and an electrically operated flap allow air to reach the compressor inlet.
  15. With the engines off, if the AVAIL light is illuminated on both the APU START push button and the EXT PWR push button, what is the source of electrical power for the aircraft busses?
    The APU.
  16. BAT 1 and 2 push buttons do not need to be selected ON if external power is available.
    • It is normally left in the lights out position.
    • When selected OFF, the APU generator is de-energized.
  17. What is the maximum altitude at which the APU may be started using the batteries only?
    • 30, 000 ft
    • In flight APU may be started on batteries up to FL 300 and on A/C ELEC supply started up to FL410.
  18. If APU is operating in flight:
    You may use ELEC plus bleed air up to FL230.
  19. With nobody in the cockpit, if you have an APU FIRE, which statement is correct?
    On the ground, an APU EMER shut down will occur and the APU fire bottle will be discharged automatically.
  20. The basic element of the APU is a single shaft gas turbine which delivers ______ power for driving the accessory gearbox (electrical generator) and produces bleed air (engine starting and pneumatic supply).
    Mechanical shaft
  21. Fire on ground or in flight will cause the APU MASTER SW pushbutton FAULT light to come on.
  22. The APU may be energized for starting :
    • From the aircraft's batteries 1, 2, APU.
    • With the External Power supply in combination with batteries.
  23. The ECB (Electronic Control Box) controls the electric starter
  24. With battery power, what would an APU fire test look like?
    • APU FIRE pushbutton illuminated.
    • SQUIB and DISCH lights illuminated
  25. The starter engages if the air intake is closed and the MASTER SW and the START pushbuttons are ON.
  26. The APU may obtain power for starting from:
    • Ground services.
    • Normal aircraft supply.
    • The aircraft's batteries or in combination with the external power.
  27. The APU cannot be shut down from outside the aircraft.
    • False.
    • APU SHUT OFF pushbutton on External Power Panel.
  28. What are the causes for an APU automatic shutdown?
    • Fire (on ground only)
    • Underspeed and overspeed
    • EGT overtemperature
    • Reverse flow
    • Low oil pressure
    • DC power loss
    • No acceleration
    • Slow start
    • High oil temperature
    • ECB failure
    • Loss of overspeed protection.
  29. Maximum altitude for APU bleed operation is:
    20, 000 ft
  30. The LOW OIL LEVEL advisory message is set by the:
  31. On ground, the No Break Power Transfer function is inhibited in case of APU shutdown generated by which of the following conditions?
    • Automatic APU shut down triggered by the ECB.
    • APU shut down from the REFUEL/DEFUEL panel or from the APU FIRE pushbutton.
    • APU shut down from emergency control provided on the external power panel.
  32. Can the APU be used with wing anti-ice on?
    Yes, but only for electrical power. The APU bleed valve should not be opened while using wing anti-ice.
  33. The ECB (Electronic Control Box) controls the electric starter
  34. The air intake and an electrically operated flap allow air to reach the compressor inlet.
  35. A 60 minutes cool down period must be observed:
    After 3 starts attempts without a cool down.
  36. On the APU MASTER switch, the FAULT amber light comes on and a caution appears on ECAM, it means:
    An APU shutdown occurs in case of mechanical failure (ex : fire on ground, high oil temperature,...).
  37. To shut down the APU, the crew must:
    Select the APU MASTER pushbutton to OFF.
  38. During take-off and Go Around, the APU can supply pneumatics:
    To increase aircraft performance during critical phases of flight.
  39. On APU External Power panel (under the nose fuselage), the ground staff can:
    Stop the APU by pressing the APU SHUT OFF p/b in case of emergency.
  40. In flight, in case of APU fire:
    The flight crew has to use the APU FIRE p/b.
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