A330 Fire Protection

  1. Engine fire detection loops are installed in the:
    Pylon, nacelle and engine core sections
  2. If a failure in both engines fire loops occurs within _____ of each other. _____ will occur.
    5 sec / a FIRE warning
  3. If any component of the fire detection system fails:
    The ECAM will issue appropriate message(s).
  4. If there is an APU fire in flight, the APU:
    Must be shut down manually and the agent manually discharged
  5. Fire protection for the forward, aft and bulk cargo compartments includes:
    Two fire bottles, which can be discharged to any compartment
  6. The fire extinguishing system for the cargo compartment discharges to either the FWD cargo or AFT & BULK cargo compartments depending on whether:
    The FWD or AFT AGENT pb is pressed
  7. The fire extinguishing system for the cargo compartments discharges through either the _____ in the FWD compartment or through _____ in the AFT & BULK cargo compartment.
    Two nozzles / One nozzle each
  8. When an ENG FIRE pb is released out, an electrical signal is sent that:
    • Silences the CRC, arms the extinguishing squibs, and closes LP fuel valve.
    • Closes the hydraulic fire valve, the eng bleed valve, and the eng fuel return valve.
    • Closes the pack flow control valve and cuts off the FADEC power supply.
  9. The avionics compartment is the only area where there is no fire extinguishing system installed.
  10. Can the APU FIRE test be performed using battery power only?
    • Yes.
    • The APU and engine FIRE test can be performed with battery power only.
  11. The BTL1 or BTL2 DISCH light comes on _____ when the associated fire extinguishing bottle has discharged.
  12. When the aircraft is on the ground and the APU is started on battery power only, is fire protection available?
    Yes, the APU will initiate an auto shutdown and discharge the extinguishing agent.
  13. How many fire extinguishing bottles are available for fighting an APU fire?
  14. APU fire detection is accomplished by:
    Two parallel fire detection loops.
  15. Engine heat sensing are located in pylon nacelle, engine core and fan section.
  16. After an APU fire has been detected how long will the chime continue to sound?
    • Until the crew pushes the red MASTER WARN push button.
    • Until the crew pushes and releases the guarded red APU FIRE push button.
  17. When the APU FIRE pb is released out, an electrical signal is sent that:
    • Shuts down the APU and silences the CRC
    • Arms the APU extinguisher squib, closes the LP fuel valve, shuts off the APU fuel pumps.
    • Closes the APU bleed valve and X bleed valve and deactivates the APU generator.
  18. A DISCH light on either the ENGINE or APU fire agent pb indicates:
    The extinguisher bottle has lost pressure
  19. STATUS page: INOP SYS indicates 'ENG1 LOOP B'.
    One detection loop for engine 1 has failed. Fire detection for both engines is still available.
  20. Which of the following have automatic fire extinguishing systems?
    APU, and lavatory waste bins.
  21. The aft cargo compartment smoke detection system consists of:
    Four smoke detectors and a two channel smoke detection control unit.
  22. If an engine fire is detected, when will the pedestal mounted red FIRE annunciator light extinguish?
    Only after the fire warning no longer exists.
  23. The AVNCS SMOKE light illuminates amber when smoke is detected in the avionics ventilation duct.
    • False.
    • It illuminates red.
  24. How long will the red APU FIRE pb on the overhead be illuminated?
    For as long as the fire warning is present.
  25. With reference to cargo compartment fire extinguishing, which statement is true?
    • There is only one fire bottle, when it is discharged both amber DISCH lights come on.
    • The fire bottle can only be used once on either the FWD or AFT compartment.
  26. Should you loose both loops or FDU, fire detection is no longer available for the respective engine or the APU
  27. What is indicated by a missing red APU thermal plug during an exterior preflight?
    An APU fire agent thermal discharge has occurred.
  28. Two smoke detectors are installed in the air extraction duct of the avionics ventilation system.
  29. If an engine fire is detected, when will the guarded red ENG FIRE push button light extinguish?
    Only after the fire warning no longer exists.
  30. In the event a lavatory smoke detector detects smoke:
    Warnings will be generated in the cockpit and in the cabin.
  31. Are there any warnings to alert ground personnel when there is a fire in the APU compartment?
    Yes, the external fire warning horn will sound and the APU red fire light will illuminate.
  32. What systems are affected when the guarded red ENGINE FIRE push button is pushed and released?
    • The Master Warning and the chime will be canceled and the AGENT pb's will be armed.
    • All fluids, pneumatics and electrics relating to that engine are shut off
  33. The avionics smoke detection system consists of the following:
    A smoke detector, and smoke detection control unit.
  34. Will an APU fire test shut down the APU?
  35. Illumination of the GEN 1 LINE SMOKE light indicates:
    Smoke has been detected in the avionics compartment ventilation duct.
  36. Cargo smoke warning is activated when smoke is detected in one cavity by:
    • Both smoke detectors.
    • One smoke detector when the other one is inoperative.
  37. In the event an aft cargo compartment smoke detector detects smoke:
    The crew must depress the appropriate DISCH switch.
  38. How many halon fire extinguishing cylinders are there per engine?
    Each engine has two fire extinguishers.
  39. The APU provides for automatic fire extinguishing:
    On the ground only.
  40. You have detected avionics smoke. You have selected the GEN 1 LINE push button off and the RAT has been deployed. Generator 2 has been removed from the system. Which of the following is TRUE?
    The aircraft will be in the Emergency Electrical Configuration
  41. Each gas detection loop of the fire and overheat detection systems consists of three sensing elements for the engine, located in the pylon nacelle and engine core sections, and one sensing element for the APU, located in the APU compartment
  42. After depressing the CARGO SMOKE TEST push button once, a satisfactory test of the aft cargo compartment smoke detector consist of:
    Two complete cycles with associated warnings.
  43. In conjunction with illumination of the GEN 1 LINE SMOKE light and MASTER CAUT light:
    The BLOWER and EXTRACT push button FAULT lights will be illuminated.
  44. If you perform the APU FIRE TEST with only DC power available, you get the MASTER WARN on the ECAM.
  45. In the event an aft cargo compartment smoke detector detects smoke:
    A MASTER WARN, CRC and an ECAM message will be generated.
  46. The avionics bay is equipped with a smoke detection and extinguishing system.
  47. How does the APU fire test on battery power differ from the APU fire test with all busses powered?
    While on battery power, only the red APU FIRE and AGENT/DISC push button will illuminate.
  48. During the walk-around, you have to check that the APU Fire extinguisher overpressure indication (green disc) is in place. This is an indication that the fire bottle has not been discharged.
  49. The disc is red. There is no such indication for the engine fire bottles.
  50. The AFT SMOKE light closes the aft cargo inlet and outlet isolation valves and shuts off the aft cargo extraction fan.
  51. Each lavatory is equipped with:
    One smoke detector, and for lavatory waste bins, an automatically discharging fire extinguisher.
  52. Each engine nacelle and pylon area is equipped with:
    Two fire detection loops.
  53. In addition to the CRC and red MASTER WARN light, a good engine fire test will display which of the following (AC power available)?
    • E/WD red 1 (2) ENG FIRE warning,
    • lower ECAM engine page,
    • red FIRE annunciator,
    • red ENG FIRE push button,
  54. If an APU fire is detected on the ground, the APU shuts down automatically and the agent is discharged ______ after the warning is activated.
    3 seconds.
  55. When the APU AUTO EXTING RESET pushbutton is pressed, all ____ output signals are reset and the automatic shut down function is reinitialized.
  56. Fire detection and extinguishing system testing cannot be performed when engines are running.
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