A330 Autopilot Flash Cards

  1. What are the Autopilot functions?
    • Automatic landing and go around.
    • Stabilization of the aircraft around its center of gravity.
    • Acquisition and tracking of a flight path.
  2. How can the present position of the aircraft be initialized?
    • Present position can be entered through the ADIRS CDU.
    • Present position can be entered on the INIT page of the MCDU.
  3. What are the correct positions for the PFD and ND?
    The PFD should be outboard and the ND should be inboard.
  4. Insertion or deletion of a holding pattern or change of the SPD target during descent modifies the DES profile.
  5. What information is supplied by the IR's and displayed on the PFD?
    Heading, altitude, and vertical speed
  6. How long does a normal IR alignment take?
    Approximately 10 minutes.
  7. The IR ALIGN light is extinguished. What does this mean?
    Alignment has been completed.
  8. An amber flashing IR FAULT light indicates that:
    Attitude and heading information may be recovered in ATT mode.
  9. What action should be taken if IR #2 is lost:
    Move the ATT HDG rotary selector knob to F/O 3.
  10. A/THR in white means that A/THR is:
  11. The white IR ALIGN light is flashing. What does this mean?
    No present position has been entered and ten minutes has elapsed since the IR was selected ON. An alignment fault may exist.
  12. What message is displayed if the database effective date does not match the clock date?
    Check Data Base Cycle.
  13. Placing one of the ADR push buttons OFF will accomplish what?
    The OFF light will illuminate and air data output will disconnect.
  14. While in-flight, operating in Normal law, in the Alpha prot range:
    The sidestick controller and flight controls revert to the AOA mode, and side stick deflection is proportional to AOA.
  15. What is the difference between -FD2 and 2FD- on the FMA?
    1 off, 2 engaged. 2 engaged, 1 inop.
  16. What does the LOW ACCURACY message mean?
    FMGC position & actual radio position difference exceeds limits.
  17. The thrust delivered by A/THR is already at MAX CLB thrust. Is it possible to obtain some additional thrust?
    Yes, by moving the thrust levers forward from the CL detent.
  18. What information is supplied by the Air Data Modules (ADMs) and displayed on the PFD's?
    Airspeed, altitude, and backup vertical speed.
  19. Can the autopilot be used for a single engine approach and autoland?
  20. During the takeoff phase:
    SRS mode will provide guidance to maintain V2+10 kts (minimum) as a speed reference
  21. If the IR mode rotary selector is selected OFF:
    The ADIRU is not energized: AD and IR information is lost.
  22. Which of the following statements is always true when operating in alternate law?
    Extending the landing gear will place the aircraft in Direct law.
  23. Which protection is not available below 100 feet AGL?
    Alpha floor.
  24. The flight envelope uses only its own computed gross weight (GW) and center of gravity (CG) to trigger the aft CG signals.
  25. What does amber SPEED BRAKES mean on lower ECAM?
    Speed brakes are extended and engines are not at idle.
  26. If LOW ACCURACY message is displayed, are there any approach restrictions?
    Yes, both LNAV and VNAV approaches are forbidden.
  27. The DDRMI provides the pilot with:
    Bearing only for VOR 1 and VOR 2.
  28. If both ELACs fail, what controls the elevator and stabilizer?
  29. Where is the information displayed by DMC #1 and DMC #2?
    • DMC #1 supplies data to PFD #1, ND #1, and UPPER ECAM.
    • DMC #2 supplies data for PFD #2, ND #2, and LOWER ECAM.
  30. While in flight operating in Normal law, movement of the sidestick and subsequent return to neutral will command:
    A load factor proportional to stick deflection, then maintain one G flight corrected for pitch attitude.
  31. In normal law all protections are active, which of the following lists is the most complete list?
    Protections, Load Factor, Pitch attitude, High AOA, Alpha floor, angle of bank, and High speed.
  32. When in alternate law, all protections except _______ protection will be lost.
    Load factor.
  33. When does the sideslip indicator change to a blue Beta target?
    Any EPR exceeds 1.25, and EPR's differ by more than 0.30
  34. High and low speed stabilities may be available in alternate law, stabilities:
    Can be overridden by the pilot, and it is possible to exceed Vmo, Mmo and stall the aircraft.
  35. What is the function of the FACs?
    Rudder and Yaw damping inputs, Flight envelope and speed computations, and windshear protection
  36. What causes a DU to display a black screen with a white diagonal line?
    DMC failure.
  37. If the LOWER ECAM DU fails, is there a way to retrieve that information?
    Pressing and holding the related systems page pb on the ECAM control panel; the page will be displayed on the UPPER ECAM.
  38. Can the aircraft be controlled with a loss of all electrics?
  39. The ATT HDG and AIR DATA selectors on the switching panel in the NORM position indicate that:
    ADIRU 1 is supplying information to PFD 1, ND 1 and the DDRMI; ADIRU 2 is supplying power to PFD 2 and ND 2.
  40. What action should be taken if ADR #1 is lost?
    Move the AIR DATA knob on the switching panel to CAPT 3.
  41. On an autoland approach, with both autopilots on, which FMGC is master?
    FMGC 1
  42. After a single DMC failure, how could a crewmember recover the display units?
    Rotate the EIS DMC switch on the switching panel to replace the failed DMC with DMC #3.
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