jazz age

  1. why were americans excite din 1920
    war ended
  2. who ran with james cox in 1920 for vice p?
    franklin roosevelt
  3. warren g. harding promised a
    return to normalcy
  4. who replaced harding when he died of heart attack
  5. teapot dome scandal was in
  6. what was the law of the land
  7. teacher from TEN who taught theory of darwin
    john scopes
  8. 2 italian immigrants and anarchists
    sacco and vanzetti
  9. americans chose ___as president in 1928
  10. speculation -
    buying more things with money that they didnt have
  11. speculation led to
    stock market crash
  12. 1920s census said what about america
    becoming more spread
  13. religion of 1920s
  14. uniform of decade
    business suit
  15. achievement of women in 1920s
    voting rights
  16. popular chain store
    piggly wiggly
  17. 1st cars bought by americans were usually
    second hand type
  18. popular leisure time
    horse racing
  19. 1st female to swim across english channel
    gertrude ederle
  20. famous boxer
    jack demey
  21. whoo was known as galloping ghost for illiois Uni?
    bret grange
  22. head fball coach at notre dame
    knute rockne
  23. most famous sport hero, NY yankee hitter
    babe ruth
  24. 2 presidents who took up golfing
    taft and cleveland
  25. most important man of decade
    henry ford
  26. camping buddy with henry ford
    thomas edison
  27. what was at plattsburg, NY
    a camp for soldiers
  28. coolidge was known as
    silent cal
  29. 2 journalist of 1920s
    f. scott fitzergerald and earnest hemingway
  30. biggest hero of decade was ___ and he did
    • -charles lindberge
    • -flew across AC by himself
  31. name of charles lindberg's plane
    spirit of st. louis
  32. nation's 1st radio station in pitt
  33. movie capital of nation
  34. what was used before movies played stunts, etc
    news reals
  35. this revolutionized movie industry
  36. 1st talking movie
    the jazz singer
  37. the automobile mecca of henry ford was in
  38. what allowed industry to cut time from making cars
    assembly line
  39. president who pushed for making of airports
  40. famous dance
  41. first miss american pagent in
    AC, NJ
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