Cold war quiz

  1. cold war?
    war or words between the u.s and soviet union
  2. satellite countries?
    stalin had troops occupying eastern europe
  3. containment policy?
    stopping the spread of communism
  4. liberation policy?
    • free countries of communism
    • by sec of state john foster dulles
  5. containment policy examples?
    • truman doctrine
    • marshall plan
    • berlin airlift
  6. provided military support to greece and turkey
    truman doctrine
  7. massive recovery plan that offered financial assistance to european nations
    marshall plan
  8. germany was divided in half by allies
    berlin airlift
  9. soviets took?
    eastern germany
  10. France, GB, US took?
    western half of germany
  11. Why did europe create NATO?
    they saw stalin as a threat
  12. NATO?
    • North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    • if one nation of attacked, considered attack on all nations in alliance
  13. eisenhower?
    appointed 1st commander of troops of NATO
  14. stalin formed an alliance w/ satellite nations in response to NATO called?
    warsaw pact
  15. mao zedong?
    led communists
  16. chiang kai-shek?
    led nationalists
  17. leader of north during korean war?
    kim il sung
  18. leader of south during korean war?
    syngham rhee
  19. UN troops were led by ? in the korean war?
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