1. Name the current Grand President, past Grand President, Vice President - Organizational Development, Vice President - Finance, and National Collegians of the Year.
    • Current Grand President: Mark Chiacchiari,
    • Past Grand President: Mitchell B. "Mitch" Simmons,
    • Vice President-Organizational Development: Paul Brodie, Vice President-Finance: Joseph "Joe" Ward,
    • National Collegiate: Burton Bridges (2009) and Jenny Terbrock (2010).
  2. Who are your Provincial Vice President and Regional Vice President?
    Provincial Vice President is Amy L. Briggs and the Regional Vice President is Matt Carrington.
  3. What are the names of your province and region and what are the names of the active collegiate chapters, alumni chapters, and colonies in your region?
    The province is North Central Province and the region is Huron. The active collegiate chapters are Wayne State University: Gamma Theta, Ferris State University: Delta Rho, Grand Valley State University: Lambda Xi, Michigan State University; Gamma Kappa, Saginaw Valley State University: Mu Phi, University of Michigan: Xi, Western Michigan University: Epislon Omicron, Albion College: Pi Tau, Indiana University Purdue University at Fort Wayne: Iota Lambda. The alumni chapter is Detroit Motown Alumni Chapter (DMAC) and it is inactive. There is a colony at Central Michigan University.
  4. Who appoints a District Director? Who is your District Director?
    The District Director is appointed by the Regional Vice President. The District Director is vacant at the moment
  5. Name your Chapter Advisor. Who may serve as a Chapter Advisor and how is he or she elected?
    Gamma Theta's Chapter Advisor is Dr. Antoinette Somers. A faculty initiate of the Fraternity or a member of the school's faculty or administration, elected by a majority vote of the chapter and reported to the Central Office, may serve as the Chapter Advisor.
  6. Name at least six services provided, and/or publications produced, by the Fraternity's Central Office Staff.
    • Services and publications produced by the Central Office staff includes the Consultation Program, Chapter Management Program, The DELTASIG of Delta Sigma Pi, The Deltasig Update, Manual for Pledge Education, and the Delta Sigma Pi Website.
    • MAINTAINS membership records, mailing lists, the www.dsp.net website, ritualistic regalia, funds and archives
    • DISTRIBUTES certificates and cards of membership, supplies, jewelry and scholarship keys
    • CONDUCTS the Grand Chapter Congress, Chapter Management Program (CMP), visitation, public relations and expansions
    • PUBLISHES manuals, forms, The DELTASIG, official bulletins, national reportsREPRESENTS the Fraternity nationally
  7. What is the Chapter Management Program? What are the three levels chapters should strive to achieve?
    The Chapter Management Program, a web based program, is the method of formal communication between collegiate chapters and the national Fraternity. The program is divided into three annual achievement levels, representing basic operational requirements in recruitment, membership, finances, professional and service programs, and leadership development for collegiate chapters during an academic year. These sections reflect the practice of essential business practices and operations expected of each chapter as part of our professional business fraternity, as well as the professional and leadership development opportunities of each member. The three levels a chapter can achieve are Accredited Chapter, Chapter of Recognition, and Chapter of Excellence. Every chapter is expected to achieve the Accredited level.
  8. To whom is the Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key awarded?
    The Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key is awarded to the graduating senior in commerce, business administration, or economics who ranks highest in each class (whether or not a Deltasig).
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