history 12:3

  1. Yalu River
    separates N Korea from China
  2. T'aebaek
    most important mnt range on E coast
  3. evolved
    developed gradually
  4. Silla dynasty
    • dynasty where arts flourished
    • Buddhism spread
    • set up national confucian academy to train officials
  5. Kyongju
    • Silla capital
    • "city of gold"
    • aristocracy of culture
  6. Koryo dynasty
    replaced Silla in 918
  7. Songak
    • Koryo capital
    • present day Kaesong
  8. celadon
    porcelain with unusual blue-green glaze
  9. Yi Song-gye
    general who overthrew Mongols and established Choson based on Confucian principles
  10. Choson dynasty
    • last and longest lived of Korea's 3 dynasties
    • Yi dynasty
  11. King Sejong
    Korea's most celebrated ruler who replaced complex Chinese system of writing
  12. hangul
    Korean phonetic alphabet that uses symbols to represent sounds of spoken Korean
  13. literacy rate
    percentage of people who can read and write
  14. Yi Sun-Shin
    Korean admiral who used "turtle ships" to sail through Japanese fleets
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