Vocab List Verbs 5

  1. Abdicate
    to give up power
  2. admonish
    to warn
  3. attune
    to put in tune or accord
  4. berate
    to scold abusivly
  5. connote
    to imply additional meaning
  6. corroborate
    to confirm or verify, to support
  7. dissect
    to cut apart
  8. divest
    to get rid of
  9. endow
    to give money or property
  10. engender
    to bring into being, to cause
  11. excise
    to remove or cut out
  12. fomet
    to instigate, to incite
  13. instill
    to put in little by little
  14. intone
    to chant
  15. iterate
    to say or do again, or repeadily
  16. mesmerize
    to hypnotize, to fascinate
  17. nurture
    to feed, to bring up
  18. paraphrase
    to restate in other words
  19. prognosticate
    to foretell or predict
  20. regale
    to entertain
  21. sequester
    to isolate , remove from view
  22. speculate
    to relfect, consider
  23. subjugate
    to subdue, to conquer
  24. transcend
    to exceed, to go beyond
  25. vindicate
    to clear of suspicion
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Vocab List Verbs 5