HST 163 Terms 6

  1. People of Latin America lived in a _____ society, which...
    • hierarchial
    • defer to their social betters, command respect from those beneath them, and above all adhere to the norms of conduct appropriate to their class, gender, and ethnicity.
  2. peninsulares
    Spanish and Portuguese immigrants from the Iberian Peninsula
  3. "Purity of Blood"
    • people from Spain and Portugal used this idea to claim power and prestige
    • to Europeans this meant blood untainted by Indian or African mixture
  4. Creoles
    people born in colonies claiming pure Spanish or Portuguese ancestory on both paternal and maternal sides
  5. Mestizos / Mamelucos
    • literally meaning mixed
    • mestizos - Spanish American
    • mamelucos - Brazilian
    • born of Europen men and Native women
  6. Maroon Communities
    run away communities of African slaves (and Natives) in remote jungle or mountain locations
  7. mulattos
    • freed slaves
    • usually racially mixed
  8. free blacks
    vital to the defence of Iberian colonies, fought alongside Spanish and Portuguese to protect the colonie from enemies
  9. patron-client relationships
    a person of lower class could look to a person of higher class for favors so they could open a business
  10. convents
    • nunery
    • provided a place for women to live free of men
    • taking a vow of poverty, chastity, and obedience
  11. the inquisition
    • official charge to root out deviant behavior, including heresy, blasphemy, bigamy, witchcraft, superstition, and the secret practice of Jewish rites
    • less oppressive in the colonies than in Spain and Portugal
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