Psychology 4

  1. Germinal period
    Last fot two weeks. Divides many times as mitosis.
  2. Embryonic period
    from the 3rd to the 8th week of pregnancy. Major organs takes shape. differentiation,
  3. Placenta
    A tissue feed by blood vessels from the mother and connected to the embryo by the ubilical cord.
  4. Fetal period
    Lasts from 9th week of pregnancy until birth.
  5. differentiation
    Every neuron has the potential to become any specific type of neuron.
  6. Age of vitability
    23 weeks fetus reaches age of vitabily where survival outside the uterus may be possible.
  7. Terarogen
    Any disease , or other environmental agent that can harm developing fetus.
  8. Critical period
    A period of rapid growth , a time which the developing organ is especially sensitive to the environmental influences positive or negative.
  9. Fetalalcohol syndrome
    notible physical symptoms on child including small head and facial abnormalities due to alcohol in developing fetus.
  10. Anoxia
    Oxygen shortage
  11. breech presentation
    Baby is feet or buttocks first during vaginal delivery.
  12. Postpartum depression
    An episode of clinical depression that lasts months rather than days in a woman who has just given birth.
  13. Apgar test
    • a test which provides a quick assesment of the newborns:
    • 1. heart rate
    • 2. respiration
    • 3. color
    • 4. muscle tone
    • 5. reflexes
  14. Low Birth Weight
    a birth weight less than 2500 grams or 5 1/2 pounds, or born preterm less than 37 weeks of gestation.
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