Tuina History

  1. ´╗┐Huangi Qibo Anmo Shijuan
    10 volumes on Tuina developed into a clinical subject with its own therapeutic system
  2. Wusier BingFang
    52 medical prescription
  3. Qin and Han
    two were the most important period of Tui Na
  4. inspection, listen, smell, palpate, interrogiate
    Qin and Han
  5. Dr Zang Zongjing
    was the first to use ointment Tui NA in his book
  6. Dr Hua Tuo
    was the first to use ointment massage extensively and promoted the actions of 5 animals
  7. Daoyin
    physical and breathing exercise
  8. Sui Dynasty
    Title of Massage was given during this dynasty
  9. Ge Hong
    Taking ointment Tui NA seriously he was the first to expand it systematically
  10. Tangliudian
    Tuina indiactions expanded there were records about 8 kinds of dieases from pathogenic wind cold heat dampness hunger overeating
  11. Shengi Zonglu
    contained summaries and through analyses of Tui Na therapy and precise conclusions
  12. Song Jin and Yuan Dynasty
    During this dynasty methods for reducing fracture and correcting joint dislocations set up a new treatment method for bone diseases with instrumental traction
  13. Mind and Qing Dynasty
    Many professional works about infantile Tui Na published
  14. Meridian, qi and blood
    regulation of in and yang is accomplished mainly though the
  15. Zang organ
    ____ disorders are usually deficiencies
  16. Fu organs
    ___ organ disorders are usually excess
  17. reinforcement
    manipulation with the meridian
  18. Reduce
    manipulation against the meridian
  19. reduction
    rubbing the abdomen in the direction of movement
  20. reinforcement
    rubbing the abdomen in the direction against the movement
  21. Ben
    = Pathogeneis
  22. Biao
    = Symptoms
  23. reinforcement
    Strengthening vital Qi is a_____ method
  24. Reduction
    eliminating pathogenic factors is a ____ method
  25. reinforcement
    rotating leftward or clockwise
  26. reduction
    rotating rightward or counterclockwise
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Tuina History
Tuina History