1. 209-07 For which items would omission or mis-description result in dismissal of summons?
    • Lic Plate #
    • Lic Plate type
    • Exp Date
    • Make of Veh
    • Model of Veh
  2. 209-09 When should a UMOS issuing a discon summons call the P/S to scene?
    • Physical force used by UMOS
    • Necessary to search or handcuff
    • Violator placed in vehicle
    • Transported from scene
  3. 209-03 Who does a UMOS notify when a summons is damaged or missing?
  4. 209-07 If a notice of Parking Violation is issed to a vehicle bearing diplomatic/consular registration plates what will be entered under the caption other?
  5. 209-05 What is the max # of summonses the clerical member is allowed to package?
    100 or less
  6. 209-01 What are the exceptions to issuing a summons for Penal Law violation?
    • 1. Criminal Solicitation
    • 2. Falluire to respond to appearence ticket
    • 3. Appearence in public under the Influence of narcotics or drugs other then alcohol
  7. 209-04 What is the return date for ECB's and food/general vendor property has been seized?
    • 21 calendar days after date of issuance
    • (No weekend or holiday)
  8. 209-09 For summonses issued to bicyclist where is it noted on the summons?
    On portion of summons designated for year and make write "bicycle"
  9. 209-03 Who does an UMOS give a completed certification of summonses served and copies of each summons to?
    clerical staff
  10. 209-07 For which safety hazards can an unoccupied Diplomat or Consul registrated vehicle be issued a parking summons?
    • Double parking
    • Parking in crosswalk
    • Parking on sidewalk
    • Firezone
    • Firehydrant
    • No Standing
    • No Stopping
    • Bus Stop
  11. 209-06 What does the Ops Coordinator do with corrected summonses?
    Forward to Bureau concerned in brown 13x10 inter office envelope
  12. 209-04
    What is the return date for TAB summonses?
    28 calendar days from date of issuance, no weekend RDO or holiday
  13. 209-07 What is the primary source of information for vehicle registered in NYS?
    registration sticker
  14. 209-06 When does the DO counterpart advise sommunications dispatcher of the return date?
    with teh rundown on the onset of tour
  15. 209-05 What does the DO do when they find a Criminal Court Info Section black or unsigned or marijuana summonse without a supporting dep?
    Put in envelope and fwd to the commands Training Sgt
  16. 209-05 How long must a clerical member maintain file copies of summonses>?
    6 months
  17. 209-07 When is a vehicle considered abandoned?
    • 1) No license plate for > 6 hrs on highway or public place
    • 2) On public street in excess of 7 consecutive days
    • 3) For more than 96 hrs on the property of another without the permision of owner
  18. 209-06 How should the Ops coordinator process the following returned summonses?
    a) Issuing member no longer assigned to command
    b)summons received at command less than 22 days from return date
    c) Improper return date (weekend/holiday)
    • a)Void
    • b) Void
    • c) Void
  19. 209-07 What is the max # of parking summonses allowed to be issued to 1 vehicle?
  20. 209-09 From where will the DO request a qualified field test officer?
    • 1) Pct's SNEU /Conditions
    • 2)Adjoining Command
    • 3)Borough task Force
  21. 209-09 If there is no warrant check conducted for a TVB summons or Criminal Court summons where must reason be noted?
    on Activity Log
  22. 209-05 What does the DO do when they find a summons with an invalid return date?
    Void it
  23. What laws can you write summonses for all Misd and violations?
    • CHLBMW
    • Charter
    • Health Code
    • Labor Law
    • Business Law
    • Multiple Dwelling
    • Workman's Comp
  24. 209-06 What does DO give to radio dispatcher with rundown?
    Return Date
  25. 209-06 What are the loitering subdivisions that are unconstitutional? Where are erroneos C summonses prepared for them sent to?
    • sub 1 begging
    • sub 3 deviant sex
    • sub 7 sleeping in public transportation

    To Ops Coordinator
  26. IO 23s11 Where does Ops Coordinator document notification of voided summonses to perp?
    "Summons Voidance Form"
  27. 209-06 Who gets incorrect summonse when court returns to Command?
    Ops Coordinator
  28. IO23s11 What does CO do with irregular summonses/TABS?
    return on UF 50
  29. IO23s11 What does UMOS sign when given a summons?
    Distribution Card
  30. IO23s11 Who scans summonses?
    DO or Distributing Supervisor
  31. IO23s11 If an MOS cannot produce any unused summons for visual inspection, what does DO do?
    Notify IAB and get Log #
  32. IO23s11 Where does PAt/HB/TB DO call to replace summons scanner?
    • Patrol: PAtrol Borough
    • HB: Patrol Borough
    • TB: Transit Borough
  33. IO23-1 What does DO do with summonses before dropping in a recepticle designated by CO?
    Seperate court copy, print cover, scan and put back in box
  34. IO 23s11 What are any summons that remains on the exception report considered?
  35. IO23s11 Who must 1st Platoon DO notify if there is a missing a summons from exception report?
    IAB log # and ICO (if not available notify CO/XO)
  36. IO 23s11 Where does 1st Platoon DO of Patrol boro, HB, TB send summons envelope?
    • Patrol Boro: Borough
    • Transit Borough: Borough
    • Housing Borough: Court
  37. IO 23s11 What must ICO do if a UMOS is listed on the summons aging report?
    Conduct Immediate Investigation
  38. IO 23s11 How often should ICO monitor the "ICO aging report"?
  39. 209-11 Where are civilian complaintants name, address and telephone # put on a summons?
    Left Margin on rear
  40. 209-11 Where is a refusal to sign summons by violator recorded?
    A/L only if asked
  41. 209-09 What operators of bikes can asnwer by mail?
    Motorized bike can (pedal bike cannot)
  42. 209-09 What must Sgt make A/L entry of for Discoooon arrests of force, cuffed, searched, or moved or placed in RMP?
    Violators ID, condition and UMOS ID
  43. 209-07 What circumstances can warrant check in NYSPIN thru FINEST for abandoned/derilict vehicles?
    Old summonses, broken window/lock, odd place and time, got hunch
  44. 209-12 What is return date for ECB with no property removed?
    30-37 days
  45. 209-12 How long can bike be stored in station house for ECB summons?
    5 business days
  46. 209-18 If a summons was served or prepared in error who marks it Void and scans it into ESTS?
  47. 209-18 Where does CO send 2 copies of "Summons voidance Form" with all parts of summons to?
    Chief of Department IRS unit
  48. 209-30 If summons issued to "private vehicle authorized" what must also be submitted with summons Plea Form?
    Approved application for authorization
  49. 209-30 When must CO send Red Light Violation Plea Form thru channels to chief of Deparment?
    Within 30 days
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