Science Chapter 11 Test review

  1. non-point source pollution
    runoff containing pesticides and fertilizer from neighborhood lawns is______________
  2. What is found between the zones of aeration and saturation?
    the water table
  3. What forms when the water table is lower than a cave?
    a sinkhole
  4. A watershed is land that is drained by_____
    a water system
  5. Unlike a youthful river that is steep and fast moving, a mature river has_____
    few waterfalls
  6. Where does drip irrigation deliver water to?
    roots of crops
  7. Where can Nitrate pollution come from?
    animal wastes and fertilizers
  8. Where is an alluvial fan formed?
    On dry land at the base of a mountain stream
  9. a rock that stops the flow of water
  10. something used during secondary treatment of wastewater
  11. besides gradient and load, the third factor that affects stream erosion is
  12. water that flows from a crack in the cap rock is called
    artesian spring
  13. the process by which sediment is transported from one location to another is
  14. something that adds another layer on the floodplain whenever a river floods
  15. sediment that leaves heavy minerals in places where the river slows down
    placer deposits
  16. Material carried in a river in solutioon or dissolved in the water is called a
    dissolved load
  17. Large materials, such as pebbles and boulders, carried along by a stream are called a ____
    bed load
  18. Muddy rivers that carry small rocks and soil are carrying a
    suspended load
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Science Chapter 11 Test review
Science Chapter 11 Test review