Trigger Points

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  1. Define trigger point
    • it hurts
    • you can feel it
    • referred pain
    • decreases rom
    • its firm, palpable
  2. define pain referral zone
    specific region of body where trigger point is FELT
  3. who are the 2 most recent and well respected researchers of TrP?
    Travell & simmons
  4. what is step 1 in identifing what activates a trigger point?
    identifying what activites cause this
  5. 2 factors of trigger point?
    activating & perpetuating
  6. list some ways TrP are formed?
    • activating
    • perpetuating
    • chemical
    • injury
    • stress
  7. what is the most common reason TrP are formed?
    muscoskeletal dysfunction
  8. what are the 2 diff kinds of TrP
    • active - awake
    • latent - alseep
  9. key/primary TrP are activated..
    directly by original stress/trauma
  10. what is the cause of activation for satellite?
    key/primary TrP
  11. What spot is most important to deactivate in order to maintain positive results ?
    key/primary TrP
  12. what points do not have a pain referral zone? (PRZ)
    tender points
  13. where do tender points occur?
    specific locations that are symmetrically located
  14. do you work tender points?
    no, bc they hurt
  15. why do TrP hurt?
    bc the therapist is applying pessure to an already inflammed and irritated area
  16. reactive cramping hurt bc
    antagonist muscle is now short in comparrison to the muscle being worked when the TrP has been released
  17. automobile accident could be a reason for _____ factor.
    activating factor
  18. __________ factors should be looked at and homework should be assigned to a client when they fail to show last improvement.
  19. why is it important for you to identify the daily activites of a client?
    bc it helps identify what TrP are responsible for pain/dysfunction.
  20. apply pressure to the TrP until ...
    there is an increase in tissure resistance but pressure that is not beyond the OTZ
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