1. Ethics can be defined as:

    C. All of these choices
  2. Which of the following is an example of an ethical question?a.cutting in line at the movie theater
    b."borrowing" a neighbor's wireless internet signal
    c.physical assault
    d.All of these choices
    d.All of these choices
  3. Morals are the rules people develop as a result of:

    C. cultural values and norms.
  4. Which of the following questions does not help develop a personal set of ethics?

    B. How much work do I have to do?
  5. An individual who only thinks of how a certain action will affect him is operating at which level of morality?

    C. preconventional
  6. A manager of a trucking firm is considering switching to hybrid vehicles to reduce her firm's carbon footprint. This is an example of:

    A. postconventional morality.
  7. A set of guidelines that can help managers and employees make good ethical decisions is known as a(n):

    B. code of ethics.
  8. To exercise corporate social responsibility, a business has to pursue profits, obey the law, do what is right, and:

    B. be a good corporate citizen.
  9. ________ argues that a business will outperform its competitors when it views the world's problems as opportunities for profit, and a chance to improve the world.

    B. Sustainability
  10. Which of the following elements is the most important in an organization's corporate social responsibility program?a.maximizing profit
    b.using recyclable materials
    c.providing health care insurance
    d.donating goods to the poor
    a.maximizing profit
  11. The ethical values of different cultures tend to: identical.
    b.have slight differences.
    b.have slight differences.
  12. The ethics of business derive primarily from:

    C. major life values.
  13. Rules come in the form of customs, law, professional standards, and:

    A. common sense.
  14. A firm can fulfill corporate social responsibility by:

    D. All of these choices
  15. Which of the following is NOT an example of a green product?a.compact fluorescent light bulbs
    b.hybrid engines
    c.batteries beef
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