chapter 8

  1. which device is most efficient at moving packets between similar network topologies?

    D) bridge
  2. which IEE 802 standard uses a bus topology and coaxial baseband cable and is able to transmit at 10Mbps?

    D) 802.3
  3. ____ is immune to electromagnetic or radio-frequency interference.

    A) fiber-optic cabling
  4. Printers, files, and e-mails can all be categorized as __

    B) resources
  5. which OSI layer signals "all clear" by making sure the data segments are error-free?

    D) transport layer
  6. Which topology is the easiest to modify?

    D) star
  7. the___ protocal within TCP/IP is responsible for network addressing.

    A) IP
  8. which layer of the OSI model has the important role of providing error checking?

    D) transport layer
  9. which type of cabling is easiest to install?

    D) twisted-part
  10. ____ is the type of media access method used by NICs that listen to our sense the cable to check for traffic and send only when they hear that no one else is transmitting.

    D) CSMA/CD
  11. a physical star topology consists of several workstations that branch off a central device called a ___

    B) hub
  12. a___ links two or more computers together to communicate and share resources.

    C) network
  13. which access method uses smart interface cards to detect traffic before it tries to send data?

    B) CSMA/CA
  14. ____ offers the longest possible segment length.

    A) fiber-optic cabling
  15. ___ uses a thin baseband coaxial cable and bus topology, transmits at 10Mbps, with a distance up to 182 meters.

    C) ethernet 10Base2
  16. which topology uses the least amount of cabling?

    C) bus
  17. which layer describes how the data is transmitted over a physical medium?

    B) physical layer
  18. what is another name for IEEE 802.3?

  19. what type of cabling is the cable used to connect traditional cable television?

    C) coaxial
  20. what devices transfer packets across multiple networks and use table to store network addresses to determine the best destination?
    a) brouters
    b) routers
    c) gateways
    d) bridges
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