1. a collection of different structures that encircle the thalamus, more primitive area of the brain
    limbic system
  2. the part of the limbic system that is involved in forming memories, one in each hemisphere
  3. is situated on the ends of the hippocampus, responisble for processing emotional info, in the limbic system
  4. a cortical area where the hippocampi and amygdala are located, in the limbic system
    medial temporal lobe
  5. is involved in decision-making, error detection, expectation of reward and emotional pain, in the limbic system
    cingulate cortex
  6. a collection of three nuclei in each hemispherem lateral to the thalamus, all three structure are involved in skeletal movement,in the limbic system
    basal ganglia
  7. from a circle of tissue that surrounds the putamen, in the limbic system
  8. in the limbic system,sandwiched medial to the putamen and lateral to the thalamus
    globus pallidus
  9. the left and right hemispheres of the brain, have a gray matter surface that is 3 mm thick
  10. the outermost surface of the cerebrum, has 6 layers of types of cell bodies dendrites or azons,it is wrinkled with ridges
    cerebral cortex
  11. large and deep sulci are referred to as
  12. this separates the left and right hemispheres in a midsagittal plane
    longitudinal fissure
  13. the neurons of the left and right emisoheres directly communicate with each other by way of a large, thick band of myelinated axons called
    corpus callosum
  14. smaller bands of myelinated axons, it connects the hemispheres at amuch more anterior and inferior location
    anterior commissure
  15. a prominent feature of the cerebral cortex that demacrates the front and back halves of the brain
    central fissure
  16. distinguishes the top and bottom halves of the brain
    lateral fissure
  17. occipital lobe
    back of the brain, responsible for processing visual info
  18. visual info from eyes are sent to thalamus by optic nerves, then relayed to the very back of the occipital love to the
    primary visual cortex
  19. the inferior sides of the brain, ventral to the lateral fissures and serve to process auditory info
    temporal lobes
  20. messages about sound travel from inner ear to thalamus, then relayed to ______, it is hidden in the supperior medial portion of the temporal lobe
    primary auditory cortex
  21. occupies the dorsal surface of the back half of the brain, posterior to the central fissures, anterior to the occipital lobe, superior to the lateral fissure
    parietal lobe
  22. somatosensory info
    info about senses of touch, temperature , stretch, vibration, and pain
  23. the parietal lobe also functions for
    analyzing visual , motor, and somatosensory and balance information: to understand where the body is in space
  24. the most anterior part of the brain
    frontal lobe
  25. two major cortical areas within the frontal lobe are
    motor cortex and prefrontal cortex
  26. motor cortex
    a ridge of cortical tirrue immediately anterior to the central fissure and pesterior to the prefrontal cortex, it controls muscle movement
  27. prefrontal cortex
    the most anterior part of the frontal lobe, responsible or cognitive attributes that distinguish humans from all lower animals
  28. executive functions
    of the prefrontal cortex, they are the higher order mental process that make humans advance and civilized.
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