1. Production orientation focuses on:

    C. internal capabilities.
  2. Adopting a market oriented approach requires information about:a.
    a firm's capabilities.
    b.effective sales techniques.
    c.customers and competitors.
    c.customers and competitors.
  3. Various companies' attempts to "go green" reflect a ________ orientation.

    D. social marketing
  4. The internal capabilities of a firm include all of the following EXCEPT:

    C. its consumers.
  5. Which of these issues would NOT be a major concern to the societal marketing orientation?

    D. maximizing market share
  6. Firms can provide customer value by:

    D. offering products that perform.
  7. A sales-oriented organization targets its products to:

    D. everybody.
  8. Organizations that exist to achieve goals, rather than profits, are called:

    B. nonprofit organizations.
  9. For an exchange to occur between two people, there must be:

    B. the freedom for each party to accept or reject the offer.
  10. The use of aggressive sales techniques is a feature of the ________ orientation.

    C. sales
  11. Which marketing management philosophy requires a thorough understanding of what competitors are doing?

    B. market
  12. An effective way to increase business with existing customers and to retain current customers is to:

    D. build relationships.
  13. Which of the following is necessary for a relationship marketing strategy?

    D. customer-oriented personnel
  14. ________ is when employees are allowed to solve customer problems on the spot.

    B. Empowerment
  15. The market-oriented approach assumes that a sale depends on the:

    C. customer's decision to purchase.
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