aphg ch 8

  1. balance of power
    a condition of roughly equal strength between opossing alliances
  2. boundary
    a seperation of a state from its neibor
  3. city state
    a sover stae that consist of a town and the country surounding it
  4. colonialism
    when a country establishes settlements
  5. colony
    a teriyory legaly tied to a sovern state
  6. compact state
    the distance from any boundy dosent vary significantly
  7. elongated state
    staes with a long and narrow shape
  8. fedral state
    gives power to diferant local goverments within the country
  9. fragmented state
    several discontinous peices of teritory
  10. frounteir
    no state exersises complete political control
  11. gerry mandering
    when a palital party changes boundries to benifit them
  12. imperialism
    controll of a teritory already occupied and organized and organized by an indigionace society
  13. landlocked state
    a state that dosent have a boarder to the ocean
  14. microstate
    states with vary small land areas
  15. perforated state
    a state that completly surrounds another state
  16. prorupted
    a compact state with a large projecting extenshion
  17. sovereignty
    independance from from contoll of inernal affairs by other states
  18. state
    a area organized into a political unit
  19. unitary state
    places poweres in a central govermentr
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