das Chapter 6

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  1. lymphangiectasia
    dialation of lymph vessels
  2. dyspepsia
    difficult digestion
  3. hemopytsis
    spitting up blood
  4. menorrhagia
    having menstrual flow
  5. pyloric stenosis
    tightening of pyloric sphinvter
  6. cecal volvulus
    twisting of cecum
  7. stool culture
    test for microorganisms in feces
  8. stool guaiac
    Hemoccult test
    test to detect blood in feces
  9. lower gastrointestional series
    xray image of colon and rectumaftr barium injection
  10. upper gastrointestional series
    xray images of exophagus, stomach, and small intestine after barium injection
  11. cholangiography
    xray of biliary systemafter injection of contrast into bile ducts
  12. computed tomography
    series of xrays with multiple views
  13. abdominal ultrasonography
    process of recording abdominal sounds
  14. liver biopsy
    process of viewing liver
  15. nasogastric intubation
    insertion of tube via nose to stomach
  16. paracentisis
    surgical puncture to remove fluid from abdomen
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