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  1. ´╗┐Tai Yang Syndrome General
    Exterior syndrome often seen at the initial stage of exogenous disease.
  2. Tai Yang Syndrome: Main manifestations
    fever, aversion to cold, stiff neck, pain in the posterior aspect of the head
  3. Tai Yang Syndrome: Main manifestation: PULSE
  4. Tai Yang Syndrome: 2 types
    Invasion of Taiyang by wind, Invasion of Taiyang by cold
  5. Tai yang Stage: Invasion of Tai Yang by Wind
    sweating, superficial and SLOWING DOWN pulse
  6. Tai yang Stage: Invasion of Tai Yang by Cold
    absence of sweat, superficial and TENSE pulse
  7. Tai Yang Syndrome Treatment Principles
    1. eliminate exterior syndromes 2. promote smooth circulation of the qi of the meridians 3. select points of the DU, and hand and foot Tai Yang (UB, SI)
  8. Shao Yang Syndrome General
    Pathogenic factors have left the exterior (taiyang), but have not reached the interior (yangming)
  9. Shao Yang Syndrome: Main manifestations
    alternating fever and chills, fullness in the costal and hypochondriac regions, anorexia, mental restlessness, vomiting, bitter taste in the mouth, dry throat, blurry vision
  10. Shao Yang Syndrome: Main manifestations: Pulse
    String Taut
  11. Shao Yang Syndrome:Treatment
    1. Harmonize the shaoyang with points from the shaoyang (GB, TB) and jueyin (LV, PC) meridians
  12. Yangming Syndrome General
    stage of extreme struggle of the anti-pathogenic qi and the pathogenic factor. Interior heat syndrome of excess type.
  13. Yangming Syndrome: 2 Main Manifestations
  14. Yangming Meridian, Yangming Organ
  15. Yangming Syndrome: Yangming Meridian
    High fever, profuse sweating, extreme thirst, flushed face, mental restlessness
  16. Yangming Syndrome: Yangming Meridian: TONGUE
    dry, yellow tongue coat
  17. Yangming Syndrome: Yangming Meridian: PULSE
    Superficial and forceful
  18. Yangming Syndrome: Yangming organ
    Feverishness of the body, which is more pronounced in the afternoon, constipation, fullness and pain in the abdomen aggravated by pressure, restlessness and delirium
  19. Yangming Syndrome: Yangming organ: TONGUE
    Dry, yellow coat, or burnt-yellow coat with thorns
  20. Yangming Syndrome: Yangming organ: PULSE
    Deep and forceful of excess type
  21. Yangming Syndrome: Yangming organ: Treatment Principle
    1. Purgation 2. select front mu and lower he sea points of yangming meridian of hand and foot. 3. SP foot Taiyn points also
  22. Yangming Syndrome: Yangming meridian: Treatment Principles
    1. Clear heat using yangming hand and foot points (ST, LI) 2. Use Points from the DU channel
  23. Tai Yin Syndrome General
  24. A cold syndrome of deficiency type resulting from SP qi deficiency and retention of cold damage in the interior.
  25. Tai Yin Syndrome main manifestations
    abdominal fullness, vomiting, poor appetite, diarrhea, abdominal pain alleviated by warmth or pressure, absence of thirst
  26. Tai Yin Syndrome TONGUE
    Pale with white coating
  27. Tai Yin Syndrome PULSE
    slow or slowing down
  28. Tai Yin Syndrome Treatment
    1. warm up the middle jiao and disperse cold 2. back shu, front mu and he sea points of the SP foot tai yin and the ST foot yangming 3. Points form REN 4. Needling and Moxa
  29. Shao Yin Syndrome General
    Hypo-function of the heart and Kidneys manifesting as 2 types
  30. Shao Yin Syndrome: Main Manifestations
    Cold Syndrome, Heat syndrome
  31. Shao Yin Syndrome: Cold Syndrome: general
    deficiency of yang xu leading to excess of yin
  32. Shao Yin Syndrome: COld Syndrome manifestations
    aversion to cold, lying in a curled up position, listlessness with a desire to sleep, cold limbs, diarrhea with undigested food, absence of thirst. OR: preference for hot drinks, profuse, clear urine
  33. Shao Yin Syndrome: COld Syndrome: TONGUE
    pale with white coat
  34. Shao Yin Syndrome: Cold Syndrome: PULSE
    deep. feeble, thready
  35. Shao Yin Syndrome: Heat Syndrome: General
    Yin deficiency leading to hyperactivity of fire
  36. Shao Yin Syndrome: Heat Syndrome: Manifestations
    mental restlessness, insomnia, dry mouth and throat, deep yellow urine
  37. Shao Yin Syndrome: Heat Syndrome: TONGUE
    red or deep red
  38. Shao Yin Syndrome: Heat Syndrome PULSE
    Rapid, thready
  39. Shao Yin Syndrome: Cold Syndrome Treatment
    1. Recover yang and eliminate cold ,points from Ren, KD (shaoyin) and S) (Taiyin) 3. Both Acupuncture and moxa
  40. Shao Yin Syndrome: HEAT Syndrome Treatment
    1. Nourish yin and clear fire 2. Points from HT (shaoyin) and KD (Shaoyin) channels
  41. Shao Yin Syndrome General
    Yin is on the verge of extinction, yang is starting to grow, ther is yang within yin. A complicated syndrome of cold and heat.
  42. Shao Yin Syndrome Manifestations
    emaciation, thirst, a stream of air ascending to the chest region, hot and painful sensation in chest, hunger with no desire to eat, cold limbs, diarrhea, vomiting
  43. Shao Yin Syndrome: Treatment Principles
    1. Points selected for the LV meridian, the Ren, the GB (shaoyang), and the SP (Taiyin) 2. warming method is comdined with the method of clearing heat. 4. method of simultaneous elimination and reinforcement is adopted.
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