Geo Vocab for Sub-Saharan Africa

  1. escarpment
    steep, jagged slopes or cliffs
  2. cataract
    towering waterfalls
  3. rift valley
    a large crack formed by earthquakes
  4. fault
    a crack or break in the earth's crust
  5. delta
    a deposit at a river's mouth that looks like the greek letter
  6. estuary
    a passage where freshwater meets seawater
  7. leach
    dissolves and carries away nutriants
  8. harmattan
    hot, dry, northeast trade wind
  9. savanna
    tropical grassland containing scattered trees
  10. sanitation
    disposal of waste products
  11. urbanization
    the movement of people from rural areas to cities
  12. domesticate
    to tame animals
  13. apartheid
    speration of races
  14. suffrage
    voting rights
  15. clan
    large group of people related to one another
  16. nuclear family
    family group made of husband, wife, and kids
  17. subsistence farming
    producing just enough food for a family or village to survive
  18. shifting farming
    method in which farmers move every few years to find better soil
  19. sedentart farming
    farming on a parmenent settlement
  20. commercial farming
    farming organised as a bisiness
  21. cash crop
    farm crop grown to be sold or traded
  22. conservation farming
    farming that helps protect the enviorment
  23. infrastructure
    the basic urban necessities like streets and utilities
  24. E-commerce
    selling and buying on the internet
  25. habitat
    area where animals and plants live
  26. extinction
    dissapearence from the earth
  27. poaching
    illegal hunting
  28. ecotourism
    tourism based on concern for the enviorment
  29. micro enterprise
    a small bisiness with little or no employees
  30. gender based division of labor
    division of work based on gender
  31. 6 facts about AIDS
    • -30% of the people are in Africa
    • -South Africa was hit hardest
    • -leading cause of death in Africa
    • -Not talked about
    • -221/2 million people in Africa
    • -Government is agians treatment
  32. 3 Current Events
    • Food
    • -cost alot ($6 million)
    • -a lot of people need to be fed
    • -people leave or stay hungry

    • Trachoma
    • -kills lots of people
    • -people can't afford medicine
    • -deadly eye disease

    • Nigeria Oil
    • -Nigeria is rich in oit
    • -Oil companys are stealing it
    • -destroying enviorment
    • -Gov/people aren't getting money
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