Julius Caesar Act 2

  1. Pius Legarius is a friend or foe of Caesar?
  2. Publius Cimber is friend or foe of Caesar?
  3. Who is Brutus' wife?
  4. Who is Portia's father?
    Kato the Younger
  5. Who are the two Brutuses?
    Marcus Brutus and Decius Brutus
  6. Who is eliminated from the conspiracy?
  7. Who writes a letter to Caesar?
  8. What is Calpurnia's dream about?
    A statue of Caesar with a hundred holes in it with blood flowing from the holes and Romans laughing and smiling
  9. What is Decius' explanation of Calpurnia's dream?
    • Rome will prosper through Caesar's blood.
    • Prosperity for Rome will come through Caesar.
  10. Who killed himself rather than submit to Caesar?
    Kato, Portia's father
  11. Who found the sacrificed animal with no heart?
  12. Who are the members of the second triumvirate?
    Octavius and Marcus Caesar, M. Aemil Lepidus
  13. What is unpurified night air?
  14. What is the idea of fatalism?
    When you believe that when you die you die and there's nothing you can do to prevent it.
  15. What is the genius instrument?
    the mind
  16. What is the mortal instrument?
    the body
  17. Who are the conspirators?
    Brutus, Cassius, Decius, Tribonius, Casca, Cinna, Cimber, Legarius
  18. Who is Cassius' wife?
    Junia, Brutus' sister
  19. Who is Brutus' servant?
  20. Who stabs their thigh?
  21. Who is teacher of rhetoric?
  22. Why is Siscero banned from the conspiracy?
    Siscero is a leader
  23. What is an anachronism?
    Romans don't wear hats
  24. Who gives Caesar the note with the conspirators plan?
  25. Who is stoic?
  26. Who is a limb of Caesar?
    Marc Antony
  27. "Be near to me that I may...."
    • "And so near will I be that your best friends should wish.."
    • It's ironic because he is letting a conspirator (Tribonius) near him.
  28. "Lets carve him as a dish fit for the gods not as a carcass fit for hounds"
    The difference between sacrifice and butchery.
  29. "Cowards die..."
    fatalism, what do cowards do and what do the valiant do
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