Old Testament

  1. Who were Job's three friends?
    Eliphaz the Temanite

    Bildad the Shuhite

    Zophar the Naamathite
  2. How many proverbs did Solomon pen?
  3. How many songs did Solomon pen?
  4. When were the Psalms put together?
    During the Persian period.
  5. For what purpose were the Psalms written?
    Manuals of worship for choirs
  6. What are the different genres of Psalms?
    the hymn, communal lament, individual lament, songs of thanksgiving
  7. Give an example of a hymn in Psalms.
    exaltation of Yahweh
  8. Give an example of communal laments in Psalms.
    a disaster in the city
  9. Give an example of individual lament in Psalms.
    death of a loved one
  10. Give an example of a song of thanksgiving in Psalms.
    God's intervention in a situation
  11. What was the theology of Job's three friends?
    It was shallow and limited
  12. What are the major themes of Proverbs?
    Fear of the Lord, retribution principle, human speech, monogamous marriage is exalted, sexual license is warned against, sanctity of marriage, a need to guard the eyes, destructive jealousy caused by adultery, the family is charged with teaching sexual standards, dangers caused by being idle, Marriage is entered as you consider the character of the person and not just their looks
  13. What are the themes of Job?
    • The set up
    • describe Job
    • the great debate between God and Satan
    • the supportive wife
    • the "friends"
    • three cycles of dialogue between Job and his friends
    • interlude on wisdom
    • three monologues
    • Job, Elihu, God
    • the ending
  14. How are the Psalms divided in our English bibles?
    five books: I - ch. 1-41; II - ch. 42-72; III - ch. 73-89; IV - ch. 90-106; V - ch. 107-150
  15. What chapters of Psalms are in the Davidic group?
    Ch. 3-41, 51-65, 138-145
  16. What chapters of Psalms are in the Korah group?
    Ch. 42-49, 84-88 (exc. 86)
  17. What chapters of Psalms are in the Asaph group?
    Ch. 73-83
  18. What chapters of Psalms are in the Congregational Praise group?
    Ch. 95-100, 146-150
  19. What chapters of Psalms are in the Halleluyah group?
    Ch. 111-117
  20. What chapters of Psalms are in the Songs of Ascent to Jerusalem?
    Ch. 120-134
  21. Know the discussion between God and Satan in Job.
  22. What are the approaches taken towards Song of Songs by Christians and Jews?
    Allegorical, Typological, Natural
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