History Test 1

  1. Fiscals
    Trained in special schools, and educated in Western Europe..PETER sent them to different reigions in RUSSIA to collect tax money, make sure laws were obeyed, and recruit for the military.
  2. Peter the Great
    made RUSSIA into a major power..copies alot of Louis the 14th
  3. King Fredrick William I
    Made PRUSSIA a major military power. Had the best trained and equipped army. Used his army to expand Prussia by intimidation, not violence
  4. Fredrick the Great
    Expands PRUSSIA by using violence and the military. Maintains Prussia as a major power
  5. Court of Justice
    Took over the Noblemmen's Court of Justice. The judge would make the ruling on the King's behalf..which made it seem that the monarch wanted justice
  6. The Directory
    Committee of leaders that monitored the government and mandates a draft for the military. Which allows the French economy now to focus on equipping the military
  7. Office of Intendants
    Appointed by the monarch to go into local districts to make sure Nobels and city officials are obeying the king's rules and to collect tax
  8. Table of Ranks
    • Consisted of 3 tables; Military, civil services, and owners of estates.
    • Places was to consider how valuable you were to Russia
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