Windows XP Pro

  1. XP architecture was designed to allow that central processes to operate in a privileged environment, often referred to as the what?
    • Kernel
    • (pg.2)
  2. The kernel is also separated from the actual system hardware by what?
    • The hardware abstraction layer (HAL)
    • (pg.2)
  3. By default what is the only icon on the desktop?
    • Recycle Bin
    • (p.6)
  4. What is the feature that will let you go back to an older driver if there is problems with new driver?
    • rolled back
    • (p.7)
  5. What 2 useful features came out with XP Pro SP2?
    • Windows Firewall & Security Center
    • (pg.13-14)
  6. What stores folders and files in encrypted form, generating file encryption keys for each encrypted file stored on the system?
    • EFS
    • (pg.15)
  7. What provides easy switching between networks with out having to configure TCP/IP each time?
    • Auto-Configuration for Multiple Network Connectivity
    • (pg.8)
  8. What screen does XP use to allow users to log on locally?
    • The Welcome screen
    • (pg.19)
  9. What feature allows you to quickly log another user on to the system while the originally logged on user is placed on standby status?
    • Fast User Switching ONLY when you use the welcome screen to log on.
    • (pg.19)
  10. How much Hard drive space is required/recommended to install XP?
    • 650MB/2GB
    • (pg.27)
  11. What folder needs to be made available on the network if you are installing Windows XP Pro over the network?
    • i386
    • (p.38)
  12. What is the max length of a computer name?
    • 15 characters
    • (p.35)
  13. What tool would you use for disk duplication?
    • System preparation tool (Sysprep.exe)
    • (pg.58)
  14. What is a collection of updates and patches that includes feature release and should be installed as soon as you can?
    • Service Packs
    • (p.63)
  15. How long after installation do you have to activate XP, and what are the two ways?
    • 30 days, Online activation & Telephone activation
    • (pg.67)
  16. Who ensures that devices and drivers are tested and approved by an authoritative 3rd party?
    • Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Laboratory (WHQL)
    • (pg.7)
  17. What is required when joining a domain during installation?
    • A domain name, a computer account, a DNS server, and a domain controller.
    • (pg.32)
  18. What is the default network protocol?
    • TCP/IP
    • (p.36)
  19. What is the Winnt32.exe switch that checks your computer for upgrade compatibility with XP Pro?
    • /checkupgradeonly
    • (pg.42)
  20. What allows you to quickly create a script for customized installation of Windows XP Pro?
    • Windows Setup Manager
    • (p.45)
  21. What are the OS that will require intermediate upgrades before XP Pro install?
    • Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.x
    • (p.48)
  22. What can you use t simplify the task of moving data from an old computer to a new one?
    • Files and Setting Transfer Wizard
    • (pg.51)
  23. What is the name of a server you con connect to for starting automated installation of Windows XP Pro?
    • RIS - Remote Installation Service
    • (p.53)
  24. What has to be the same on the source/target workstations when using Sysprep?
    • HAL/hard drive controller
    • (p.59)
  25. Security updates and patches for critical system components?
    • high priority updates
    • (p.62)
  26. What is the max monitors (display) that Windows XP Pro can support?
    • 10
    • (p.157)
  27. What is the default time the monitor/hard drive will be turned off when the portable/laptop power scheme is turned on?
    • monitor 15 minutes
    • hard drive 30 minutes
    • (p.165)
  28. What icons can you configure to show up on the desktop?
    • My Computer
    • My Documents
    • My Network Places
    • Internet Explorer
    • (p.149)
  29. Under Settings Tap of the Display Properties in the Advances Options what are the 3 settings available for Display (DPI Settings)?
    • Normal
    • Large
    • Other (Custom)
    • (p.154)
  30. What option would you select to make your system look like Windows 2000?
    • Classic
    • (p.164)
  31. How much disk space will you need when enabling hybernation?
    • equivalent to RAM (minimum)
    • (p167)
  32. Who must you be to install APM?
    • administrator
    • (p.168)
  33. What are the two terms related to docking and undocking laptop?
    • Hot/Warm Docking
    • (p.168)
  34. Which profile would you use if you wanted an icon to be displayed on the desktop for all users on the workstation?
    • All Users
    • (p.171)
  35. What is an option useful for people who have difficulty pushing more than one key at a time?
    • StickyKeys
    • (p.175)
  36. What causes the computer to make a high-pitched sound each time the Caps Lock, Num Lock or Scroll Lock?
    • ToggleKeys
    • (p.176)
  37. What are the 3 Windows installer files?
    • Windows Installer Packages - .msi
    • Transform - .mst
    • Patch - .msp
    • (p.297)
  38. What is the 3 major advantages of using Windows Installer Pack?
    • Automated Installation
    • Control/Management
    • Self-Healing Applications
    • (p.301/302)
  39. What allows administrators to install Software (msi) remote?
    • GPOs
    • (p.302)
  40. What are the two ways for GPOs can be installed on a workstation?
    • Assign
    • Publish
    • (p.303)
  41. What are the 3 levels of Windows Logo Program?
    • Compatible with Windows XP
    • Designed for Windows XP
    • Optimized for Windows XP
    • (p.305)
  42. What are the 3 compatibility modes?
    • End-user modes
    • System Modes
    • Custom Modes
    • (p.308)
  43. For what modes will you need to be administrator?
    • System Modes
    • Custom Modes
    • (p.308)
  44. What modes will let you run the Compatibility Wizard?
    • End-user Modes
    • (p.308)
  45. What is a tool that lets you customize fixes for a specific application?
    • Compatibility Administrator
    • (p.310)
  46. How do you open file in IE as Web Folder?
    • IE --> File --> Open --> URL of Web Folder --> select Open as Web Folder check box
    • (p.390)
  47. Add-on Manager is to manage what?
    • Browser Helper Objects (BHOs)
    • (p.412)
  48. What are the 6 Web Content Zones and what 2 are not managed by IE, but GPOs?
    • Restricted Sites Zone
    • Internet Zone
    • Local Intranet Zone
    • Trusted Sites Zone
    • Locked-Down Local Machine Zone (not visible - GPO)
    • Local Machine Zone (not visible - GPO)
    • (p.400)
  49. What are the 3 levels for the Pop-Up Blocker?
    • High
    • Medium
    • Low
    • (p.408)
  50. What blocks any cookies from Web sites that do not a computer-readable privacy statement?
    • compact policy (based on party)
    • (p.405)
  51. Each application runs in what type of memory space?
    • Protected Memory
    • (p.2)
  52. Workgroups provide the what advantages?
    • Simple to design and implement .
    • A convenient networking environment for a small closes proximity network.
    • Localized security
    • Doesn�t require inclusion of a domain controller
    • (pg.16-17)
  53. What are 3 benefits of domain?
    • Centralized administration, single logon process, and scalability.
    • (pg.18)
  54. What option will you only have is your computer is part of a domain?
    • Log on to:
    • (pg. 21)
  55. How much RAM is required/recommended to run XP?
    • 64MB/128MB
    • (pg.26)
  56. What files systems can you install Windows XP Pro?
  57. What operating systems can be upgraded directly to XP Pro?
    • 98,ME,NT4, and 2000 Pro
    • (pg.48)
  58. The benefits of RIS are what?
    • Enables remote installation of XP Pro.
    • Simplifies system image management.
    • Supports recovery of the operating system and computer in the event of failure.
    • Reduces total cost of ownership.
    • (pg.53)
  59. What service is configured by a network administrator to notify browsers of the location of proxy servers on the network?
    • WPAD - Web Proxy Auto-Discovery
    • (p384)
  60. What person can lock down user settings with GPOs?
  61. What is used to support better hardware support in Windows XP Pro?
    plug and play
  62. How are Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Laboratory (WHQL) signed?
    digitally signed
  63. What is a simple network that does not need domain?
  64. What is the greatest advantage of a domain?
  65. What will be disabled if you login to a domain?
    fast-user switching
  66. What is a database file that makes sure computer names are unique?
    • UDF - database File
    • (p.46)
  67. If you have problems with install where might you look for help/reason?
  68. What are the 3 ways to install XP Pro?
    • CD
    • Network
    • Image
  69. What option are laptops missing?
  70. What Windows installer package is a database?
    • msi
    • (p.297)
  71. What two features were added to IE in SP2?
    • BHOs
    • Pop-Up Blocker
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