Chapter 9 Nutrients; Botany

  1. What is a nutrient?
    is a substance needed for plant growth

    • ex) water
    • materials from soil
  2. Mineral
    -inorganic chemical

    -found in soil

    ex) Iron (Fe)
  3. Ion
    Charged particle

    -positive or negatively charged

    ex) Nitrate ion NO3
  4. Source of nutrients for plants (3)


  5. Major Nutrients in Soil (3)
    - Nitrogen

    - Phosphorous

    - Potassium
  6. Nutrients from air and water (3)
    -Oxygen (oxygen gas in air and soil pores)

    -Hydrogen ( from water H2O)

    -Carbon (from carbon dioxide CO2)
  7. 2 types of Essential nutrients
    macronutrients and micronutrients
  8. Essential nutrients
    has to have, needed for life
  9. (Essential nutrients) Macronutrients
    • needed in large amounts
    • -usually more plentiful

    Ex) N, P, K, C, H, O, Ca, Mg, S
  10. (Essential nutrients) Micro nutrients
    needed in small amounts (7)

    -Fe, Zn...
  11. Whats in a fertilizer?

    ex) 6:12:6, 6% N, 12% P, 6% K .
  12. How do you apply the fertilizer? (3)
    depends on...

    -time of year

    -age of plant

    -concentration (how much)
  13. 2 types of fertilizers
    inorganic and organic
  14. (types of fertilizers) Inorganic; Chemicals (5)
    -powders, liquids, "sticks"

    -easier to use


    -doesnt smell

    -may only have 3 nutrients (N, P, K )
  15. (types of fertilizers) Organic (5)
    -from living things




    -can have all essential nutrients

    ex) cow manure, bat guano, blood neal, sewage sludge
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