chapter 2 Air Force Heritage

  1. Identify 2 examples of the early use of air power.
    military ballooning, air machines, Aeroplane No. 1,
  2. List 2 Air Force Medal of Honor recipients.
    Staff Sergeant Henry Erwin, Airman First Class William Pitsenbarger, Staff Sergeant Maynard H. Smith, Technical Sergeant Forrest Vosler, Staff Sergeant Archibald Mathies, Airman First Class John L. Levitow, Chief Master Sergeant Richard Etchberger
  3. What Air Force Manual (AFM) or Air Force Instruction (AFI) governs Dress and Appearance?
    AFI 36-2903
  4. How do Dress and Appearance support Air Force culture?
    Provides standardization and teamwork
  5. How far back does the origin of Dress and Appearance standards date?
    1775, when Gen George Washington commanded the Continental Army
  6. Why is it important for military members to show respect to the Flag?
    It honors our military heritage and shows an appreciation for freedom
  7. What Air Force Manual (AFM) or Air Force Instruction (AFI) governs Drill and Ceremonies?
    AFM 36-2203
  8. Air Force culture supports military professionalism by:
    • 1.helping you aprreciate the need for authority, discipline and the importance of following orders promptly and precisely.
    • 2.helping you develop desirable qualities like professionalism, commitment, dedication and leadership/followership
    • 3.promoting a stonger military orientation
  9. You are home on leave from a deployment when you get a call from the high school you attended. They ask you to come and speak on behalf of the Air Force and its history for the annual career day. You are still jet-lagged from your long trip.Based on the principles learned in the Air Force Heritage chapter and using the EPME Structured Thinking Process, your BEST course of action would probably be:
    You are tired and do not want to be bothered. You have just traveled 2000 miles. However, you are proud to be a member of the Air Force and feel it‘s important to instill this and the Air Force history in future recruits and leaders. You choose to go and speak to them explaining the heritage of those who have come before you
  10. As your day came to an end, you walked out of the building noticing it was almost time for Retreat to sound. You stood by because you knew you would not make it to your vehicle in time to get off post, and you wanted to give the flag its due respect. While waiting, you observed a team of Airmen led by a SrA who appeared to be behaving in an unprofessional manner and totally disrespecting the American Flag. They were talking and giggling among themselves, holding the flag as if it was a throw rug, and their uniforms were in total disarray. As a NCO, how would you approach this situation?
    One of the most notable symbols that all branches of the military show respect to is the American Flag. As a leader, it is your job to uphold the customs and traditions to inspire today’s followers. So when you see
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