Take Phrasal

  1. take a hike
    • idiom SPOKEN
    • an impolite expression, said when you want someone to leave

    Look, I said you weren't invited! Take a hike!
  2. take a look

    to read something quickly or consider it, especially in order to decide what to do Here's their proposal.

    Take a look at it tonight and we'll discuss it in the morning.
  3. take care
    collocation SPOKEN

    to think about what you are doing so that something bad doesn't happen

    The roads are very icy, so take care.
  4. take it easy
    idiom SPOKEN

    used to tell someone to stop being angry or worried and calm down

    Take it easy! It wasn't your fault.
  5. take it from me
    idiom SPOKEN

    used to emphasize that someone can believe what you are saying because you know the subject you are talking about Italy is a beautiful country.

    Take it from me. I lived in Rome for seven years.
  6. take it or leave it
    idiom SPOKEN

    used to say that someone can accept an offer or refuse it, but that there can be no discussion about it

    $2,000 is the most I'm willing to pay. Take it or leave it.
  7. take place

    to occur, especially after being planned or arranged

    The next game will take place in Boston.
  8. take sides

    to choose to support a particular person or opinion

    The referee has to be sure not to take sides.
  9. take your pick
    idiom SPOKEN

    to select one of several things

    There's chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Take your pick.
  10. take your time
    • collocation
    • to do something slowly or carefully without rushing
    • You can take your time getting ready. We don't have to leave until 7:00
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