Accounting Mod9

  1. Cash Flow Statement
    fin. statement that gives info about cash receipts/payments during a period and classifies into: operating, investing, financing activities
  2. Direct Method
    adjust each item in the income statement from the accrual to cash basis
  3. Financing activities
    cash flow activities from long-term liability and equity accounts. Includes: obtaining cash by issuing debt and repaying, obtaining cash from investors
  4. Free cash flow
    cash provided by operating activities less cash used by investing activities
  5. Indirect method
    a method of preparing a cash flow statement in which net income is adjusted for items that did not affect cash
  6. Investing activities
    cash flows from long-term asset accounts. Includes: acquiring and disposing investings and long-lived asset and lending money and collecting those lones
  7. Operating activities
    cash flow activities that include the cash effects of transactions that create revenues and expenses, and thus affect net income
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