Chapter 17

  1. When does Type 1 diabetes develop and how is it controlled?
    Develops in childhood and requires daily insulin to control glucose.
  2. When does Type 2 diabetes develop and how is it controled?
    Develops in middle age and can generally be controled by diet.
  3. What are the classic symptoms of uncontrolled diabetes also know as the 3P's?
    • 1. Polyria - frequent and plentiful urination.
    • 2. Polydipsia - frequent drinking of liquid to satisfy continuous thirst.
    • 3. Polyphasia - excessive eating as a result of cellular "hunger".
  4. What organ produces insulin?
  5. What is the normal blood glucose level?
    80 - 120 mg/dL
  6. What is Sickle cell disease?
    The red blood cells are shaped like sickles, have hemoglobin S instead of hemoglobin A and are poor oxygen carriers.
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Chapter 17
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