The American Past

  1. James A. Garfield
    20th president, born in Ohio, elected & died at 49 years old he was assinated by Charles Guiteau two months in office, he was a politician & statesman,
  2. Pendleton Act
    civil service reform act, US Federal law, by US Civil Service Commision, which placed most federal goverment employee's on merrit system & marked the end of the so-called spoils system the act provided for goverment jobs based on competative exam.
  3. Samuel Tilden
    democratic canidate for us president election of 1876, he faught to keep taxes low, he worked with New York on the Tammany Hall corruption we worked as a commercial lawyer for the railroad system
  4. Charles Guiteau
    an american lawyer, who assinated Pres. James Garfield, he was exacuted by hanging he felt that God commanded him to kill Mr. Garfield because he was ungrateful could have killed the president at home but Mrs. Garfield was ill so he waited for him at the Potamac & Baltimore Raillroad.
  5. Patronage
    the support, encouragement, privelage, or financial aid that an organization or an individual bestows to another.
  6. George Westinghouse
    an american entupenur & engineer who invented the railway air brake
  7. Organizing steel production
  8. Recorded sound
  9. Stopping trains
  10. Cyrus Field
    an american bussinessman & financer who led the Atlantic Telegraph Company, the first succesful company to lay the first telegraph cable across the Atlantic Ocean.
  11. Andrew Carneigie
    a scottish-american industrialist, businessman, enterpenaur & a major philanthroipist he built the Carneigie Steel Company merged with another company to create US Steel founded the Carneigie of Corporation of New York, Carneigie Endwoment for International Peace, Carneigie Mellon University, Carneigie Musumes of Pittsburg he gave most of his money to school, libraries, Universities in america & United Kingdom
  12. John D. Rockefeller
    an american industrialist, he revolutionized the petrolum industry & defined the structure of modern philanthropy he founded standard oil company Kerosene & gasoline made him billions he became the richest man & first american to be worth more than billions. his researches reached medicine, & science. like hookworm & yellow fever he is the founder of the University of Chicago & Rockefeller University. He was a devoted Northern Baptist he never drank alchol or smoked.he had four daughters & one son a JR, he was left the most.
  13. William Graham Sumner
    an american academic & professor at Yale College he introduced the word "enthnocentism" a term to indentify imperialist he was the first to teach sociology in the U.S. before Europe taught the disipline of Scociolgy.
  14. Molly Maguires
    were members of a secret irish organization formed in the Pennsylvania coal fields from the American civil war.
  15. Sephardic Jewish Immigrants
  16. Samuel Gompers
    an american labor Union leader & key figure of American labor history. He founded the American Federation of Labor also served as it's president till his death. He provided harmony among different craft unions.
  17. Knights of Labor
    Nobel & Holy Order of the Knights, was the largest & one of the most important american labor organizations of the 19th century it died out & was supplemented by the AF & L the last remining members were obsorbed by the AF & L
  18. Louis H. Sullivan
    an american architect, & is called the "father of modernism" he is the creator of the skyscraper also a critic of the School of Chicago was a mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright.
  19. Dumbbell
    tenemants, winning design for a healthful apartment for the poor. Because of the shape it allowed for everyone to have a window with fresh air coming through it .
  20. Jacob Riis
    a Danish American social reformer, muckracking journalist & social documentary photographer best known for helping the improvished of New York City he also helped the implentation of the tenements.
  21. Ghettos
    a protion of a city in which members of a miniority group live, especially because of social, legal & economic pressure.
  22. Frank Sprague
    an american naval officer & inventor contributed to the inventions of electric motor, electric railways & electric elvators. "known as the father of electric traction"
  23. Gilded Age
    refers to the era of rapid economic & population growth in U.S. during the post-civil war famous for the creation of the modern industrialization
  24. Social Darwinisim
    is a critisizum of ideologies or ideas concerning their explotiation of concepts in biology, & social sciences to artifially create political change.
  25. Robber Baron
    term revived in 19th century U.S. for businessmen & bankers who dominated respective industries
  26. Anarchists
    is a political philosphy which considers the state undiserable, unnecessary harmful & instead promotes a stateless society or anarchy.
  27. Labor Unions
    repersentative of workers in many industries.
  28. Pinkertons
    a private U.S. security guard & detectice agency established by allan pinkerton they kept union leaders & strikers out of factories.
  29. Middle class
    any class in the middle of social scheme there between the upper class & working class
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